Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally some more NYX Girls

I know you expected greatness from me, fast swatching of my early haul from the new NYX Girls line, but I've failed miserably, and only used a few of them yet. However, the other day I got five new ones in the mail, and I could not resist putting one of them on immediately, especially since the color I chose is a typically fast drying one, and I was honestly in a bit of a hurry.

So there you have it. NYX Girls Moonwalk, a purple tinged heavy foil. It mostly looks silver, just like China Glaze's Sci-Fi, from the Khrome collection, and doesn't really appear purpleish until you put it side by side with a true silver. Some may like it, but I'm always a sucker for some more coloring. Nice and pretty, but I honestly wasn't overwhelmed with it.

It dries rather fast, but watch out, and stay away from coats too heavy, because it will flow around your nail and cause little pools that dry uneven. Two medium thick coats will be sufficient, and that is what is shown here.

How do you like this one?

Swedish word of the day:
kalas -noun party
Because I'm throwing one in a matter of hours...


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