Sunday, June 13, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection swatches I: the cremes

So, the Swedish weather has decided to play tricks on us and refuse to give very good swatching opportunities... So I thought, what the heck, and decided that even though the sun may be absent, I sure am gonna swatch the cremes from OPI Swiss anyway!

Today the weather has been quite unstable, to say the least, therefore you get semi-crappy grainy photos. I have tried my best to make these as color accurate as possible. Hope you'll find them helpful! Shown in photos is all two coats, without both base and topcoats.

I'm Suzi and I'm a Chocoholic. From the sneaky press photo releases we've all taken part of already, with the names and all, I thought this was going to be brown. Well, apparently, in some parts of the world chocolate is reddish, because this polish is. I think more of bricks and terracotta when I see this one. It's actually rather nice, and I liked it way better against my skintone than alone in the bottle.

Color So Hot it Berns. Typical bright red. It freaked my camera a bit. I liked it, but I just happen to like red cremes in general. Although I don't have terribly many bottles of this type of color, I grabbed my The Thrill of Brazil to do a quick comparison, and they are the same hues, but Color So Hot it Berns is cooler. However, I'm pretty sure we all have something like this.

From A to Z-urich. A medium berry red. The type of color I just don't get, so I can't let you in on any secrets here. It made me feel like a granny.

Just a Little Rösti at This. Look, partial sun! A new take on the typical alizarine claws swatch photos. But I just couldn't miss out on an opportunity like that... Anyway. A beet type color. Looked absolutely pointless in the bottle, but it's another one I have to admit I kind of liked seeing on myself. Bt that might just as well have been the pure novelty factor. The name is super weird, and I haven't figured it out completely, but in Sweden, the rösti is yellowish (onions, potatoes). I have no clue, maybe you do?

William Tell Me About OPI. Dark eggplant reddish purple. Dries a lot darker than bottle color. Nice vampy, though not the least unique in any way. Completely ridiculous name. Isn't this whole putting "OPI" and "Suzi" in every other name starting to become a little too much?

Then this happened...

Which should have been obvious, because the last couple of swatches started to become a tad bubbly... And now the sky was black as the earth, and what little light there was, didn't really want to make it throuh my camera lens.

Ski Teal We Drop. A nice medium-dark teal, mostly blue leaning.

The formula on these was overall nice, average OPI creme style. Not the most opaque cremes there is, but you may get away with two coats of you're not the person who paints them super thin.

And just like some of you, I immediately started to consider dupes. The first one to come to mind when I saw Ski Teal We Drop, was American Apparel Peacock. Turns out they are not that close... And now I've partially surrendered to the nihrida type color comparison. Here are some squarish color charts.

1. Ciaté Paint Pots Superficial, 2. OPI Ski Teal We Drop, 3. American Apparel Peacock.

As you can see, Peacock is lighter, while Ciaté Superficial is closer, but still more green than the OPI.

With the dupish William Tell Me About OPI, I made it easy and brought out my bottle of the classic Lincoln Park After Dark. The bottle colors compares as follows.

1. William Tell Me About OPI, 2. Lincoln Park After Dark.

And before we go further, let's take a quick look at base colors painted on my beloved wheels:

1. OPI William Tell Me About OPI, 2. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, 3. OPI Ski Teal We Drop, 4. American Apparel Peacock. (The Ciaté didn't make it to this round.)

And here are the finished results of the teals:

1. Ciaté Superficial, 2. OPI Ski Teal We Drop, 3. American Apparel Peacock.

And the eggplants...

1. OPI William Tell Me About OPI, 2. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

And here's where you see how much darker William Tell Me About OPI dries compared to its bottle color. It's only a tiny tad lighter than Lincoln Park After Dark, but maybe two tads redder. If you're crazy about vampies, maybe you need it, but if you're just into getting a nice, varied polish stash, you can skip it.

There was actually a few moments of sun here an hour ago, and I was hoping it would last so I could swatch the rest of the shimmers, but now it's again raining cats and dogs. Unstable it is...

Swedish word of the day:
solbrist -noun lack of sun
Because apparently there is...


  1. I am so bored by these. It's a good thing I am so anti-OPI because it means I don't have to fight my conscience!

  2. I'm crazy about vampies, I will be getting William Tell. I wear them non-stop during the fall and winter especially on my toes.
    I'm thinking about Ski Teal We Drop also but I'm not sold on it.
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Great swatches - I too am only leaning towards William Tell and that's solely because I like a good vampy. I think the teal is pretty too, but I could probably dupe it close enough for my taste.

  4. They don't impress me. But I think that Ski Teal We Drop looks really nice. =)

  5. Out of the creams Ski Teal We Drop is my fave! They are all pretty but that's my fave

  6. Nice! I like Rösti & Z-urich!

  7. Thanks for the swatches! They look great, even with the weather issues.

    As for the colors themselves....bleh, OPI dropped the ball. Again. So boring!!
    I'm tired of red.
    This would have been a great chance for them to do some more...snowish colors. Like some blues and greys.
    I only like Ski Teal We Drop out of all of these.
    And maybe William Tell...I'm on the fence about that one.

  8. Well, I'm the one who likes boring colors, especially creams. :D So I like all those colors, but my favorites are A to Z-urich, Teal and William.

  9. again, i need that teal! and i love your nihrida style swatches!

  10. I think the chocoholic one is the same color as the bing cherry chocolates from Harry and David. I'd be nibbling my nails. :)

  11. Your swatches are gorgeous! Thank you so much :) I think I like Ski Teal We Drop the most

  12. greast swatches, but these colors for the most part are a complete bore. i may think about getting the second to last one.

  13. I haven't figured out the Rösti either. Potatoes, carrots and onions, how does that remind you of something red? Or are the thinking the polish is the wine, something red with a rösti?

    William Tell (in your photos) reminds me an awful lot of Essie's Downtown brown but I remember seeing some pictures were it was more espresso-colored?

  14. I think the rosti was a play on "rusty", but it doesn't look rust colored enough to be a good pun. If there is such thing as a good pun...

    These look pretty

  15. I like Ski teal we drop a lot, the rest is slightly boring as most of you noticed...I'd normally got William because I love such colours, but I guess it'd look almost the same as Siberian nights on my nails...don't want to waste money.

  16. William Tell and Ski Teal We Drop I might get...but I don't know. Color So Hot It Berns and Chocoholic are pretty. The names suck and so do the colors. :\ Or they're not worth OPI price.

  17. None of these wowed me. The reds actually look a bit "meh" to be honest. I'll skip on these.

  18. The teal one is so similar to MAC Blue India!

  19. Thanks for theese swatches! I've been having a hard time finding them.

  20. I just found your site and I LOVE it!! I love polish so much but can't afford to run out and buy every bottle that catches my eye. Now I can check out how it looks on your hand to see if I truly like the color! Thank you!!

  21. soooo glad i found this!! i'm currently searching for a bold peacock blue (deep blue teal) like these. the ones i'm considering are ski teal we drop and peacock! so it's nice to see them side by side. also considering butter: peacock. this helps but your peacock color seem more blue than when i used it. came out a bit more green. glad you did this :)


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