Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch me in your lens

I just need to show you OPI's take on the fleck style glitters, even though I know you have already seen it a million times.

Catch Me In Your Net. Three coats for opacity.

Just as beautiful as Charla. When I had the chance to try out the OPI equivalent as well, I went for it. I wanted to find out if there was any differences. Well, there is one. Catch Me In Your Net comes with the (in)famous Pro-Wide brush. And honestly, I prefer it over Zoya's, even though I have a small fitting problem on my pinky nails.

Speaking of nets and catching and such, we went to Skansen yesterday. The lovely daughter's lovely cousin from the nothern parts of the country was visiting with her parents, so of course the kids got to go see something intriguing. What's more so than nature and the rich and fantastic fauna of our beautiful planet?

Skansen isn't a zoo per se, but actually an open air museum. In 1891, in a nice spot in the middle of Stockholm, a bunch of semi-ancient buildings were gathered from all across the country, and placed in a nice scenery. On top of that, typical Scandinavian animals, such as wolves, lynxes, moose, wolverines and whatnot, were thrown in. Later, an "aquarium" was added, which mainly presents more (to us Swedes) exotic species from around the world.

The daughter is tring to catch a glimpse of the carps.

We went to see the baboons...

...the snakes...

...the lizards (and this fella really knew how to keep his woman down)...

...a turtle with salad left in the the corner of his mouth...



...and of course the lemurs! They were lazy though. Damn heat.

And the meerkats, who got eggs for lunch.

The brown bears were lazy too. Especially mama bear who was just feeding her no longer very small cubs.

Mama human has an unhealthy fascination for old gates.

And finally, the darling daughter really did end up caught in a net!

Unfortunately, the lynxes, owls, moose, Gotland ponies and wolves were camera shy yesterday.

Swedish word of the evening:
uggla -noun owl
Because they're just so darn awesome.


  1. I love CMIYN ! I bet you two had fun!

  2. band aids on both knees !!my kinda girl reminds me of my princess--when it gets warm i just stock up on bandaids,neosporin, & 1st aid like that

  3. These pictures are gorgeous. I love the shots made at the museum, it looks so much fun and your daughter looks adorable!

  4. Love the lemurs, but hate the spider...ick! Great pics and The OPI is gorgeous!

  5. Evil Angel: Two?! There were six of us! Lol

    aaminahs mom: Oh yes, you gotta let kids be kids, and bruised knees are parts of a great childhood! Kids with perfect knees aren't outside, running around... And that's just not healthy. :)

    Michelle: Thank you, I think! :D It really is a lovely way to spend a day. :)

    Jackie S.: Sorry abt the spider, but the size of the photo was the compromise between the wishes of every arachnophobic and the ones who luuurvs a hairy thing like that. ;D

  6. Looks like a fabulous day and a fabulous mani!

  7. @ Feline--LMAO hilarious!

  8. Love the pics....especially the bears! Looks like a fun place to go. :-) I bet your daughter had a blast! Lovin the mani. too!

    By the way, I started a new nail blog. I would love to have you follow, if you're interested. :-)


  9. That looks like such a cool place! I'll add it to my imaginary-Sweden-vacation itinerary LOL. Owls *are* full of awesomeness. Have you ever seen a saw-whet owl? They are tiny and could easily take over the world with their cuteness.

  10. Emaila din adress så postar jag. Som sagt, de kan nog behöva lite förtunning, iallfall glittret


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