Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glitters XIII

Finally, the finale! Presenting the largest color group among my glitter stash: the purples. I know at least two girls who will most likely spontaneously combust when ogling this. Clickable pictures as always.

Lilac glitters: IsaDora Sparkling Violet (tiny silvery microglitter in pale periwinkle base, with violet shimmer - awesome in person and my favourite IsaDora ever!), Depend 58 (prismatic!), OPI Sugarplum Yum Glitter Topcoat, China Glaze Electric Lilac.

Chunky purple glitters: Claire's Chunky Purple, Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing, Love My Nails All That, NYX Girls Special Glitter 239.

Red toned purple glitters: Zoya Roxy, Studio M Purple Medallion, BB Couture Dragon's Breath, Color Club Too Violet.

Blue and pink and purple glitters: China Glaze Flying Dragon, LA Girl Rock Star Overdose.

Flecked glitters in purple base: Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, Sinful Colors Daddys Girl, Zoya Mimi, OPI DS Mystery, NYX Girls Deep Space.

Other purple glitters: China Glaze C-c-courage, BB Couture Balboa Beach Bunny, Nubar Purple Rain Glitter (prismatic love!), BB Couture Midnight Malibu.

And the flakie finale: Nfu Oh 51 and OPI Merry Midnight.

I have heard there are now also different versions of China Glaze's Flying Dragon floating around. Anyone with insight on that? I'd love to find out if someone has a comparison, as this is one of my fave polishes, possibly my favourite China Glaze ever.

Apart from that, I hope you enjoyed seeing my glitter stash, and especially you, Sanna! If any of you guys have requests on stash groups you want to see, please feel free to make a suggestion!

Swedish word of the day:
skugga -noun shade
Because today the temperature on my shadowed balcony is perfect!


  1. I really love glitter and I loved your collection:)

  2. I think there's a darker and lighter/brighter version of flying dragon...

  3. Purple. Glitter. I am overloading! LOL!

  4. I almost fainted from all these great colors!

    I have seen a comparison of flying dragon, I just can not remember where. I'll get back to you on that.

  5. Yum, purple sparkles!

    The two versions of FD I've seen are the one you have pictured, and a brighter, much more fuschia version (the base color is somewhat similar to CC Ultra Violet, if I remember right).

  6. *combusts*

    Thaaaank yooou!

  7. wonderful stash!!!
    where did you manage to get nina ultra pro?

  8. I would love to see your blue stash.

  9. I have the most number of purples in my stash too. Lovely collection.

  10. I just found thit post while searching a comparison of Nfu.oh 51 and Merry midnight. :)

    I did a comparison of Flying Dragon here, but I'm sure you already see till now how are they different. :D


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