Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two dark and glittery BB Coutures...

I told you I would polish my claws on my days off! They may be short, but there's still room for color on the nail plates, so here are the two I have picked for my days off tuesday and wednesday.

BB Couture Midnight Malibu. Of course I picked a glitter only to wake up to rain next morning.
Nevertheless a beautiful color! Dark, vampy blue with lots and lots of glitter. Green bits and pink shimmer! Wonderful.

The name Malibu always reminds me of two things.

One of my favourite movies ever. "And stay out of Malibu!"

BB Couture Saturday Night Fever. Once again I needed green for luck. And I think I passed this morning's exam too. Not as exciting as Midnigh Malibu, at least not in terms of complexity, but a very, very pretty dark, in dim light almost black, green with green glitter. Yum.

Swedish word of the day:
arbetsmiljö -noun working environment
Because today's exam was in this subject...


  1. Hehe my exam yesterday was on that, though admitedly pretty basic being sammhällkunskap for SAS grund, but nevermind :)

    I adore this polish, it's beautiful

  2. the dude abides- one of my all time favs too

  3. Love it!

  4. BBs rock and you rock the BBs

  5. I really really need to place a bb courier order! Midnight Malibu was already a lemming of mine but I think you just created a super lemming!

  6. i love midnight malibu even though i don't have a bottle myself ^^

    i awarded you :)

  7. Nice!

    But of course, everything is overshadowed by The Big Lebowsky! :D

  8. Best photos of these I've seen! Gorgeous.

  9. i just ordered midnight malibu and i can't wait to get it thanks to your pics!


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