Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cotton Candy

I don't eat a lot of cotton candy, but today I've worn it on my nails.

Nubar Cotton Candy. Turquoise with golden glassflecks. I'm one of few in this world just not that into glassfleck polishes, but this one is so purrty. Though, like all glassflecks it dries rather slowly and was still dentable after a few hours.

And while I was at it, I did my friend Maria's tips in the same shade. Well, actually, it was really supposed to end up on Maria's nails only, but then I kinda accidentally did my own too, without even thinking about it...

Maria proudly announces she owns two polishes! One of them is a clear. I usually tell my friends they don't really have to buy any for themselves, mine is sufficient for all of us...

And just because I love Nihrida- here's my answer to her posts on the Eurovision Song Contest, which is happening right now. Tonight was the second semi finals, I believe, and I can proudly say I did not watch it, have no clue how it ended, not even if the Swedish song made it to the final round. But what I can tell you, is that the best Eurovision song ever, and I mean ever, was the song Sweden contributed last year, when it was finally time for us music snobs to get a little fun out of this show.

May I present to you, Sweden's current no. 1 opera diva, in the painfully uptempo dance song La Voix - Malena Ernman!

If you notice Malena being slightly out of tune in some places, it's just because she was excited that she just won the Swedish finals.

You know what's really the most liberating with all this? Malena is not just slim and blonde, she's first and foremost a mezzo soprano. Just when I thought I would choke to death fed by all the cute little sopranos, a mezzo comes along to save my day. Next time maybe the world is ready for an alto!

Swedish word of the day:
musikskola -noun music school
Because they make you turn out like me.


  1. I have not seen this one before, beautiful on you!

  2. Well, I must admit I didn't like The Swedish song last year. She's got a great voice, though not of my liking. I guess the techno ruined for me.
    I kind of liked Charlotte Perrelli's song better because it's in one of the CDs of a class I lead (fitness instructor) and it kind got stuck in my head...).

    I don't know who's gonna win this year. Our song (Norway) bores me to death. We had a couple of black metal guys whom were much better IMO.

    Anyway, on to the color...I like it a lot on you. I could never pull it off though. Sad. Nice of you for sharing your polishes with your friends!

  3. Cotton Candy är så himla söt! Jag älskar den men hatar att den är så skir. Får jobba med lager efter lager efter lager... Har den bara som layeringlack nu för tiden och då torkar den lite fortare också.

  4. I don't really like this polish and I definitely don't like the song. XD

  5. Ooh cotton candy! Just out of curiousity, how many coats is that? From what I've seen, other pics seem to imply that it's sheer, but it looks so nice and opaque on you! And by the way you also have really neat painting skills :)

  6. Regine: Charlotte Perrelli really isn't my cup of tea at all. :D I love Malena, she's inspirational and unlike most contestants in Eurovision, she can really sing. :) <3

    Sminkan: Skumt det där, alltså, det är ju väldigt skirt, men det är ändå "bara" 3 lager både på mig och Maria på bilderna. Konstigt nog såg det mer skirt ut på Maria än på mig. Jag tror att jag vanligtvis är rätt generös med lackflödet ändå, säkerligen inte helt tunna lager - jag tyckte redan första lagret torkade ovanligt långsamt!

    nihrida: You suck woman! xD But I love you anyway. <3

    Musicalhouses: It's "only" three coats! Can you believe it? Yes, it is sheer, as have most glassflecks I've tried been... But somehow I made it look at least semi-opaque, even though there was a bit of VNL showing up if I looked closely. :) And thank you on the painting skills! However, let me reveal that my cleanup skills are far better than my painting skills. xD

  7. Beautiful! Stickey Sweet!

  8. That's sweet of you to share with friends. I'm such a greedy bitch with mine.


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