Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A couple of Regular Guys from BB Couture

You know those unique shades, preferrably at least one green? BB Couture just keeps 'em coming. Fast! From the top of my head, I can count to four rather new collections, released within the time span that I consider now, and how many new collections there's been this side of new year's... I have lost count. All I know is this polish brand seems to never want to stop expanding its space in my Helmers.

Just now, the Formal collection for men was released, but not long before, the Regular Guys saw the light of day. Here is two of them.

Golf Pro. Fantastic and unique shade, even to someone who owns more than a hundred greens already. A washed out medium green with silver shimmer that only hints in bits and pieces through the two coater opaque pigmentation- and those little black flecks we have seen BB Couture throw in as a sort of trademark, every now and then. And if you think you do not need this one because it looks similar to Kelly's Green... You do. They are very different, and this one is a stunner!

Golf Pro was a full manicure with base and topcoat. The application was dreamy. I'm wearing it as I write, and I love it.

Coal Miner. This was the shade in this collection that intrigued me the most when I saw photos of it. It seems to turn out very differently on different occations, and I believe I know the reason for that. It's just freaking cool like that. That's why. The base color is a very greyed out medium dark taupe, and then there's all this amazing blue shimmer creating a sheen of ...cool. This also causes the color to transform. The sunnier, the warmer. When the sun isn't around, it's cooler, and the blue kind of drags the taupe down to a grey.

You see? Coal Miner was a little more sheer, and I used three coats. On these photos there are no base or topcoats. I'm thinking of pulling this one out for my next mani. I'm surprised at how much I loved it, even though I knew it was nice and I wanted it, I can tell you it is even better in reality.

Coal Miner was sent to me for review, by Kim of Overall Beauty. She handpicked the color for me, and I can not thank her enough for that! However, I would have loved it just as much if I had payed for it myself. I love the BB Couture polishes, and I love Kim's customer service. As I have been a steady customer now for a year, I have learned there is no better. And even though a lot of sales people are very nice, there is no one that takes the time and effort to actually befriend their customers like Kim do!

So, a complete rave from me. At least I didn't go into the whole golf pro regularity thing! Or mention Tiger Wood's Swedish wife.

Swedish word of the day:
fru -noun wife
Because some are to others.


  1. sigh - perhaps I could take a second job to get me some BB budget

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coal miner...must haz!!!!

  3. Now I know where it went.. lol (inside joke)
    Great review!
    Its an amazing color and your nails are to die for.. how do you do it? And you right there is never enough greens in one's collection.. Thanks again for your kind words, I try..

    Kim Snyder ~ Overallbeauty.com

  4. Coal Miner ligger här i en av högarna och väntar på sin chans. Jag älskade den från första bilden jag såg och vet att den kommer bli en favorit. Lustigt nog har jag inte Golf Pro bland mina över hundra gröna lack. Kanske ska den alltså införskaffas. Måste fundera på saken.

  5. golf pro is such an awesome shade of green! i love those washed-out shades. :)

  6. I love both of these! I've been really attracted to muted colors lately.


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