Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Vampy Varnish for the pedi premiere

Warning! Feet ahead! If you're horrified by them- don't scroll down below the text.

Faithful readers may remember I had a small poll a while ago, when I was considering posting pedi photos. From all the days I have spent at the nail board on MakeupAlley, I know many dread seeing others' feet, so I wanted to check how big a percentage actually do. We know that those protesting about things tend to be louder than the ones who are OK with things. This is generally true in most areas. If a restaurant customer is satisfied with their experience in a certain restaurant, statistics show they usually tell one other person about it. If the customer is dissatisfied on the other hand, they tell ten others. So, if you're a restaurant owner, think of your reputation. If you're just a nail blogger, check if the feet haters are more than a tenth!

The outcome of my poll, shows that 68 %, or 31 out of 45, wants to see pedis. More than I expected, I have to admit. But as many as 20 %, or 9 peeps, say they will vomit all over my blog. From the comments you left, it was a common view that pedis are generally OK to post, provided they are clean and neat. Of course- no one wants to see others' sweaty, fungus-ridden feet.

And don't worry, now that I am taking the huge step of showing you my feet (it actually does feel kinda personal!), I made sure to do the super neat pedi regimen before shooting. I do that maybe every third or fourth time I redo my pedi, which is about once every two weeks. Below are my feet after two rounds of cuticle remover, filing, cutting and what not. Yes, feet tend to get kinda scary with time, a lot more than our hands do...

The color I chose, I actually got because I thought it would make an awesome pedi. I knew from the beginning I wanted it, but it didn't get into my primary order from the collection when it was first released. However, I later saw the bottle in person, and thought to myself "Ah, what an excellent pedi color! Have to order this the next time." Said and done. I give you BB Couture Vampy Varnish.

Ehh... So... How do you guys like my feet? Hahah! Honestly, I like my feet. One (or perhaps two) of few body parts I'm actually happy with. Wide and duck-like, I like them anyway. They may not fit well in shoes, but I think they are actually kinda cute. The toenails, however, have been reshaped beyond recognition. I cut and file from most sides.

During the summer, I do not only sport open toes, I usually wear flipflops all season, so trimmed and cute feet is a must. That is why I am in a way warming you up now, because towards the peak of heat here in old Sweden, I may show you more feet- that is if you don't totally disapprove.

I would very much like to know your reactions to this post, so please either leave a comment, or check one of the reaction boxes below!

Swedish word of the day:
-noun toe
Because it was an easy choice this time.


  1. Ooh i like the polish :) The feet arent bad either.

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  3. love it! =) Gotta post my pedi big toe looks like penis. Heehehe, I said 'penis'. XD

  4. I am a flip-flop "hoor"!!! I am terribly flat-footed, so I am a duckfoot, too!

    You're feet are hot!


  5. Your feet are beautiful and healthy looking! (So are mine but I don't think my hands are shaped nicely, sigh!). Now I'm going to go find my dark sparkly green nail polish to do a pedi. I live in the desert and flip flops and sandals are a must for managing the heat. -JenB

  6. You have cute feet. I wanted to see feet. I remember the poll and I'm glad you did this. This polish looks great on toes. More feet. Love your feet and look after them, everyone.

  7. How do you reshape your toenails? Fingernails I get because the fingers are quite similar to each other, but toes? They look like they aren't even a part of the same family!

    I am duck with flipflops as well, which means I wear polish all season.

  8. You have adorable feet! And this polish is awesome! :O It reminds me of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz in a VERY good way! :D

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!1 Just kidding! Your feet are pretty. I have Flinstone feet with short subby weird toes and I every once in a while post a pedi. It's my blog and my chubby feets so :P
    Love this color!

  10. Aww, you have great feet, and I think I'd love to request a foot care post, if you'd be willing! I need to get my feet in summer shape but I'm still unpacking my supplies - I think that "that" box is stuck in a corner under my book boxes, unfortunately. I'm overdue! I love the shape of your toenails and I think that color is perfect!
    Last summer I'd post my pedi color around once a week, and had no complaints.

  11. Great pedicure!And your feet are lovely:) not scary at all!

  12. Thank you, all, for your comments and compliments on my tootsies! :D Great to see it seems I didn't offend anyone!

    schmut: I reshape my tonails with a cuticle trimmer (from Sally Hansen, available in Swedish beauty stores!), and actually cut off pieces of nail that I don't want there, like if I want a narrower or more square nail, for instance. And file some... But on the sides, I mostly cut. It's quick and painless, but can be tricky. ;)

  13. Your feet are too cute! I usually do not like feet on nail blogs, but yours can make an appearance any day :)

  14. Your feet are cute and definitely okay with me! I too rock the ducky flip-flop look with my chubby flat feet all summer long. :)

  15. Haha, big toes with small wide nails, reminds me of my sister's feet. Your feet are nice enough that I don't think most people would mind, unless they're totally grossed out by feet.


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