Monday, April 12, 2010


Today I have a little something for you holo hos! I know you have already seen this before, but this is my NOTD: Milani Hi-Tech.

Direct sun. This was so blingy it caused my camera to over-expose!


Indirect sun. Yeah yeah, I know, green polish and red wall...

There's something weird with holos though. I find that they are very hard to photograph. You get the rainbow effect to show up allright, but the surrounding base color often looks more washed out than it really is. The last photo have been slightly color corrected (but still doesn't look like the real deal), the ones above it not. And anyone who owns this polish knows it is way more colorful than it shows up in my photos. For me, being one of those really anal people who want to post color accurate pictures, this doesn't feel very good. If there's anyone who has figured out a way to get holos more accurate, please feel free to let me know!

Swedish word of the day:
kommunikationsmöjligheter -noun pl. possibilities to communicate
Because I wrote this word in class today, and it's another great exaple of the infamous looong Swedish words!


  1. Every time I see this polish in the drugstore, I think "Nah" and pass it by, but then I see a pic of it and it looks great! I'm just gonna have to suck it up and get it..Gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! I only own TWO greens, this one might become the third one, if I can find it!

  3. ROFL at the swedish word of the day. Maybe I should do this in slovene too. That would be something to see. This word of yours reminds me of german language very much.
    And about the holos - they are a pain in the behind to photograph. Either they don't want to show their holo awesomeness or they do and completely steal the show. =)

  4. I was going to say exactly what Jackie S said! I keep passing up these polishes because they are so bland in the drugstore. I might have to make a pact with myself to pick up the PURPLE one next time I see it! I wish it was darker though.

  5. I agree voodoo violet, the green and the purple (once swatched) are stunning! In the bottle.."blah" :P


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