Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not green!

Last weekend I was wearing a theoretical weakness of mine- red.

I love reds. Love. I tend to buy them, but I do not always enjoy wearing them, unfortunately. Vampies work fine, but when I'm polished up in a brighter red, I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable.

However, this one made me feel just fine. It's a beautiful classic, medium red jelly. Keys to My Karma. Three coats required for this look.

Swedish word of the moment:
vårstädning -noun Spring cleaning
Because I'm trying to.


  1. Classic red's always a winner in my book! So bold, so timeless, *love it*

  2. OK who are you and what did you did with my friend? She would never give up her fancy greens for a simple classic red! :P
    Teasing, it's beautiful on you!

  3. I think red nails are beautyful - on others. I don't feel comfortable in red nails (However, my nails are in a redish color now and I really like it)

  4. I think that classic red nail polish must look SMASHING on you! As a whole look.
    I love it! =)

  5. very pin up! love it


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