Sunday, April 4, 2010

A closer look: the greens stash II

We had lovely spring weather here in the Stockholm area today, so therefore we will now dive into my stash of yellowish greens. Click the bottle images to make them larger.

H&M Garden Green, OPI Sit Under the Apple Tree, Misa Secrets, Guppy 50.

Pure Ice Wild Thing, NYX Girls Sour Lime, L'Oréal Shocking Green, Misa Green With Envy.

Not that many, but hey, we'll break it all up in small doses, so you won't have to faint. Or...

Swedish word of the evening:
påskdagen -noun Easter Day
Because today is...


  1. Such fun colors, wish I'd could pull these off haha! Very nice collection :-)

  2. Oh, look! Shrek greens! =)

  3. lmao at nihridas comment!


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