Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Since we're going away today, we had an early Easter yesterday, on Good Friday. What we did? Painted eggs, of course!

We do these things primarily for our daughter, because although her parents aren't religious or really like any holidays whatsoever, we think our daughter should get to try out the same things the other kids do. And even though we don't think about Jesus Christ, or witches (Northern folkloristic stuff), we think about food. In this family, we love food. And a good pastime is always welcome. So what better than painting food?

Voila! My egg. It looks like an effing sombrero.

The remainder of the artwork.

Since I have the hots for food, I like cooking too.

I served pork tenderloin with a mild lemon sauce, along with hot potato salad, or, potato wedges with baby spinach and a good drizzle of olive oil, really.

After dinner, it was time to do an Easter manicure. Well, I still don't celebrate, but I never pass on an opportunity to do something... Ehm... Creative.

No, my talent isn't within this field, clearly. I removed it immediately. Thumb is NYX Girls Banana Boat, index: Zoya Tangy over white, middle: NYX Girls Morocco, ring: NYX Girls Purple Dream, pinkie: LA Girls Rock Star Scandal over white. No, I don't have many pink polishes!

Swedish word of the moment:
fult -adjective ugly
Because that was!


  1. Oh, my... where to start... Your little one is so cute. And I can totally see her mother when I look at her although I'd guess she's more like her daddy, right?
    Darn, really don't know how to paint an egg do you. LOL XD At least you didn't feel bad when you ate it... =)
    And another thing: i don't like this easter mani on you. At all.
    But I do love you! :*

  2. Oh, that changes all the time! When she was brand new, she was a copy of me. And now she's alternating between looking like daddy's girl and mommy's. :) But yes, there's a lot of daddy right now. xD

    No, I don't know how to paint an egg, nor an Easter manicure. xD But I can "bjuda på det", as we say here. Hahahah!

  3. We're not religious either but there's so many fun things for kids to do on Easter. We'll be painting eggs today too!

  4. We're the same. Not believers but as most holidays are for the kids anyways, we do them for her.

    (Iggy had to look at your daughter's picture to see if she still had nailpolish on...)

  5. I loooooove painting easter eggs. We buy extra kits and do it randomly through the year! Its so fun. The food looks nommy! mmmmmmmmm! And I need to do a skittles mani...


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