Monday, January 25, 2010

Truly Wild

Oh yes, it is! Wild shit. Don't know if it's the color, my weekend, or just my imagination, though. But take a look at this:

M-hm. If it wasn't for the lack of wild sunbeams here in the northern hemisphere when I shot the photo, you would think so too! The base color is a dusty, dark blue, and thrown in: a fistful of gold shimmer. Which of course looks greenish beneath the blue surface. I am wildly in love. It is like when you fall for the ugly guy in the room. You really didn't see that coming. And even though you'll have to shape him up, layer by layer, you love him anyway. Three coats and the hated ex... I mean nail line, is still there. But you still love him. Because he's making you... ehm... Wild.

Swedish word of the day:
oväntad -adjective unexpected
Because it was.


  1. Like it!

    You know what you reminded me of with these Swedish words? Of a series of unfortunate events movie. =)

    - ''Roast beef?''
    - ''Yeah, the Swedish word for the beef that is roasted!''


    I'm loosing it completely.

  2. That is a gorgeous color, I love it!

  3. nihrida: You're a wacky lil gal. ;)

    gildedangel: It is! And unique, IMO. :)


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