Friday, January 22, 2010

American buttery apparel

I'll admit it, right up front: I don't understand the American culture. As much as I love my American friends, sometimes I just... don't... get it. Well, I'm European. That says it all. We're stiff people.

Some things I do understand though. One of those things is that the American population is as diverse as any, and for every American idiot, there's a sweet, adorable American friend. Another thing I do understand, is that Americans are a lot more daring in their choices when it comes to nail polish colors. And, last but not least, nail polish is a hell of a lot cheaper in the US than it is here. (Swedes pay $20 for their OPIs.)

Didn't help me in this case though, as American Apparel is available in European stores as well, so, living here, I got mine from the German webshop. Since they're €7 each, about $10, I only got two. But maaan am I happy I did- despite the questionable political correctness of the business' founder, whatever his forgettable name is. These are so sweet in application that if I ever doubted my own painting skills, I can now blame them on other polishes' terrible formulas. Or maybe American Apparel polishes are just fool-proof.

Just to upset my dear American friends a wee bit more, here's my favourite interpretation of the American culture:

Nah, just kidding guys, you know I love you!

Swedish word of the day:
jänkare -noun slang Yankee, American
Because we dig you.


  1. ROFL =)))
    I love both shades on you, but Peacock... Awesome!

  2. Whaaaawwooh!
    Those look fantastic! Especially the dark teal one! <3

  3. American Aparel huh... I'm intrigued! /Cammi

  4. BTW where did you get them?? Google is not a friend today for me. ;(

  5. nihrida: Thank you! <3

    steelnpurple: american apparel have their own online store in DE. :) You should be able to find it!

    Kelly: ;D <3

    Anonymous Cammi: You should try them!

  6. I am so glad that I found your blog! I absolutely LOVE your pictures =P

  7. I love your swatches and your nails are gorgeous! I've seen you around MUA and I'm so glad you decided to get your own blog. :)

    Where did you buy your American Apparel polishes? I've been lemming quite a few of them for a while, but I thought they were only available in the US so I was kinda bummed. I'm from Sweden too, btw. :)

  8. Claudia: Thank you so much, and I am glad you found me too! <3

    Anneli: Thank you! <3 I got the AAs from the German AA webshop, but before they were recently removed b/c of the bottle issues. From what I understand they'll be back in new bottles in only a little while, but I guess us Europeans will have to wait a couple more weeks than the Amewicunz. :)


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