Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vesper my name

Yeah, she really did. Or, rather, screamed it. Vesper wanted to come to mama.

I was generous with her, so I put three coats on, mostly to completely cover up my existing gel manicure, but also because I'm like that. Vesper is a really, really dark purple base, with purple and black glitters, but you will have to wait up to an hour before it looks more than just black. Close to my cuticle where the polish is thinner, you can tell the base is actually purple. And yes, I forgot to do cleanup on my pinky.

Vesper is definitely not for the shy. The color in combination with the Liquid Sand finish makes her a lot more than just a classic vampy. Possibly intimidating in all her power. Needless to say, I love her, like mad. But even the most passionate of loves comes with pain, and yes, I find the Liquid Sand polishes absolutely horrible to remove.

Have your hearts softened towards the (intendedly) gritty polishes yet?

This product was sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
kväll -noun evening
And the Latin word is vesper.


  1. never mind the problems with removal, my heart stopped on this sight <3

  2. Ooooh that looks nice! And I hate the liquid sand! But it's gorgeous.

  3. Im curious!

    I want my Vesper, now! :D

  4. Wow! This looks so awesome! Love it and I think I must get it! :O

  5. How heavy does this feel on the nails? It is pretty but looks pretty thick.

  6. That is oh so pretty!!!! Yes it is!!! It will have to come live with me soon.

  7. Wow! I think I'm going to have to get this one. It's the only one of this collection that appeals to me at all.

  8. That one should be called "lava" finish. At least thats what it reminds me of!

    1. I agree - it reminds me of cold lava!
      I really like this one... need it... :-*

  9. i liked this one the least when i swatched these. but now i see THIS and it makes me want to give her another try!

  10. Drägglar lite lätt över tangentbordet... :D


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