Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BJ's Ménage à Trois

After the less intriguing post the other day, here is something that may be able to make your eyes pop - or your ladyparts tingle. One of my favourite independent brands, Darling Diva Polish, is always productive, and recently released a fivesome of what creator Carrie calls soft holographic polishes. The first one to come out was BJ, a rather saturated fuchsia pink jelly with holographic shimmer and small silver glitters that really put the icing on the cake.

And there was sun, and much rejoice! Because I'm like that, I did three coats of BJ, but I'm well aware that most of you will like it at two.

Now a photo that I'm ashamed of:

Yes, the colors are horrible in this photo, because I took it with my compact camera, which, of course, couldn't handle it, but I wanted to show you what BJ looks like away from the sun, with the little silver sprinklings. Adorable.

Next, a pretty much simultaneously released shade, called Ménage à Trois. It's a slightly pink tinted base with a mix of pink and red glitters of various kinds, and of course I did what I like best with glitters like these: a gradient.

Some of the glitters are holographic, but there was no sun to make them justice. However, it still looks smashing.

And yes, I'm still on a pink roll.

These products were personal gifts.

Swedish word of the day:
trekant -noun threesome
Ménage à trois in Swedish, English and French.


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