Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Outside the limelight

To prove that I'm still alive, here are som pictures of Color Club In the Limelight.

Three coats - this is another one of those Color Club cremes that is more sheer than they used to be.  And yes, I wore this manicure back when my index nail was broken. Interestingly enough, it has again, so this look is pretty up to date for me (which of course also explains the lack of blog posts lately).

About the color itself, apart from sheerness: I had hopes of this shade being an alluring darker periwinkle, but I was let down once it had dried on my nails. It's actually just a rather ordinary medium blue creme. It didn't exactly give me a tickle. It was in the same collection as Port-Folio, the widely famous green to pink duochrome purple, and there should be no suprises as to why In the Limelight was overshadowed.

This product was purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
tråkig -adjective boring


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