Thursday, October 25, 2012

My hands - so happy

Okay, that is technically a lie, since my work requires vast amounts of hand sanitizer to be used (along with just as vast amounts of soap), but after a little TLC and above all a nice manicure, my hands actually are.

Sometimes my hands are happy in Happy Hands nail polish - I have shown you a Halloween themed Happy Hands shade already - and here are two manicures that made me look at my hands with love.

Afternoon Thunderstorms. This is two coats. Rich in black glitter, this grey also has the extra sprinkling of fine gold shimmer to make it a little more unique. Gives nails a very badass speckled look. Application was typical to dense glitters - you gotta pretend you're buttering a slice of bread. Coverage and drying time were both awesome.

Motherboy. Here in a sandwich with OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! Two coats of the OPI, one coat of Motherboy (which has a transparent base), and then another coat of the OPI. This is such a nice way to play it girly. When I first saw a picture of Motherboy, it was one of those times when my heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped. Perhaps not the typical alizarine like colors, but this mix of glitters did something to me. Maybe it was the subconscious knowledge of endless sandwiching possibilities, maybe it was that I considered this glitter so uniquely refreshing, maybe I'm just getting soft and learning to embrace pastels. No matter what, this is a fun polish. My bottle of Motherboy was a little harder to apply, but not to the extent of bad results, obviously. I had to poke and move around the glitters a little, and sometimes they get stuck together since the base is just so packed with them. Any effort is worth it in this case though, I promise you that.

Happy Hands polishes are available on Etsy. Kristi, the proprietor, will restock, and relaunch her colors in new bottles, on Saturday (October 27th). They will be $10 each, but if you hurry, you have until then to get a bunch of her polishes in the old bottle for $8 each.

All products were purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
eftermiddag -noun afternoon
Sometimes come with thunderstorms.


  1. They both look SO cute! (:
    Love it.


  2. very very very pretty *_____*


  3. seriously it looks very unique :)i think the last one is better. white in colour, emm yeah :)

  4. Wow, LOVE Afternoon Thunderstorms!! :)

  5. Det första ser lite ut som ett spräckligt måsägg :) Jag som inte brukar gilla glitterlack av den typen, men det där var riktigt trevligt

  6. The second one is SO dreamy!

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  9. Oooh, Motherboy looks so lovely!

  10. I adore Afternoon Thunderstorms! So glad I already bought that back in summer, but I haven't worn it yet! If I didn't already own it...I'd be forced to go buy it now...and you already made me cave and buy OPI Movin Out!


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