Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am Immortal

Aaand, quickly back to the Halloween stuff! Can we get enough? (No, we can't.) Today, another one from China Glaze's Wicked collection, and it is called Immortal.

This polish didn't need sun to come through in the photos. Just look at the detail! If I recall correctly, this was two coats (or was it three?), and this grey base is full of pink and blue fleck shimmer, perhaps also silver, and I can never get enough of that. Sure, it's "just" a grey shimmer polish, but the combination is fantastic. But to be honest, if you live in a grey area (haha), like me, it will look like "just" a grey shimmer polish most of the time. Next time I see this theoretically gorgeous combination, I want big ass flecks that show their colors with pride.

This product was purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
gråzon -noun grey area
Life's full of 'em.


  1. So so pretty, I love this collection!

    Jazz x

  2. Your photos are the first I have seen of this pretty shade that captures all the inner goodies this shade has - most photos come out with it looking like a med gray with maybe a tish of some kind of shimmer that is not clear what it is. Thanks so much!

  3. I'm with beachgal on this one.

    Du fick mig att inse att jag måste swatcha om det här lacket när är lite ljusare ute.

  4. I wore Immortal earlier this week. So gorgeous!


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