Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Holiday 2012

Today is Halloween, and we're already deep into the Holiday season! Carrie of Darling Diva Polish kindly sent me her Holiday collection for swatching, and here are the first four I tried.

A Christmas Story. One coat over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede. Insanely sparkly red and green small glitters in a clear base.

The very same over red, OPI Kennebunk-port, if you'd prefer this layering combination. Very, very Christmas-y.

Pink Nightmare. Three coats alone. Some will find this to be a bit too revealing of the naked nail, but layering it over a pink or nude, even a pale purple, will be awesome too - I tried a few layering combinations on wheel, but forgot to get photos. I used Pink Nightmare alone since it has great glitter coverage, so one coat only will give you plenty of sparkles. This one was also a bit hard to capture on camera, which is why the photos differ a lot in terms of color. The last photo was shot with my DSLR, and is probably the closest to actual color, just a tad too cool in tone. It's definitely a cooler toned pink, and not as warm as it seems in some of these photos. This sauce is complex, it has so many different particles, of which the iridescent glitters are (always) my favourites.

Next, I have two more colors, but they were shot in flash light at night. You will most likely find better swatches of these elsewhere, but I wanted to show them anyway, because I really like them.

Electric Sex. Three coats. Black jelly with gold and holographic glitters in different shapes and sizes. Personally I'm not a huge fan of string glitter, but this polish is great, so I'll forgive them. Look at the little holographic sparkles! The jelly is perfect in application with no issues at all, just smooth and even.

Sheer Poetry. Three coats alone. Fabulous lime green holographic shimmer with small holographic red hexes and larger red square glitters. The holographic effect isn't the strongest out there, but well sufficient for me. This is pure love.

All of these were good in terms of application and drying time. I encountered no issues at all - no need for sandwich buttering, no problems with uneven glitter distribution, no bubbling, and reasonable to fast drying.

For an eternity or two, I've wanted more red and green glitters, especially green based polishes with red glitter. I'm ecstatic that Carrie had somehow figured that out! 

You will find the entire 12-piece Holiday collection in the Darling Diva Polish Etsy shop starting tomorrow, November 1st. The eight that aren't part of this post will be up as soon as time and the Swedish autumn allows it.

These products were sent for reviewing purposes.

Swedish word of the day:
poesi -noun poetry
I'm partial to prose.


  1. I've seen A Christmas Story on another blog and it's amazing! Lucky you!!! x

  2. I _need_ A Christmas Story!

  3. Vad hände med A Christmas Story över lila?! MVH Förväntansfull

  4. The first pictures are pretty much the true essence of a Christmas mani. Absolutely love the polish over green and I'm not usually a big fan of layering glitters. :)

  5. I love love loooooooooooove A Christmas Story. haha :)

  6. Just found you're blog and I am in love with your swatches and photos! I just spent an hour going through some of your old posts, and now I'm dying to have all the Battlestar Galactica polishes. Such a great show, I miss it.


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