Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some Color Club Winter Affair

Color Club is doing their holiday collection in full size bottles this year too (remember when they used to release the mini sets?), and this year the collection is called Winter Affair. I snatched some of them - five out of six, actually - and here is three-ish of them.

Glitter Wonderland, three coats. Red leaning purple shimmer with blue micro glitters (very micro). I can never resist a good purple shimmer, and this one is a rather nice one.

Ho-Ho-Holly, three coats. Green golden foil. I love these blingy green foils! Totally hot in every way. This is the kind of green that easily escapes the eye of the camera though, but the bottom photo, which was shot in lower light, depicts the color pretty accurately. It's warmer than it shows the fully lit pictures.

And as the sun disappeared and the rain started to pour, I went all in and added the flakie topcoat Snow-Flakes (sic).

It's the variety that changes from orange via yellow to green (and a little blue in extreme angles - if you can catch it). It's not as dense as Essie Shine of the Times, but gives a good amount of flakes in one coat. Also present in these two photos is a glitter from Wet n Wild's Spoiled line, called Show Me the Money, that just happened to stand in front of me, asking to be added. The smaller gold glitters on the surface is the Spoiled, which also has green glitters that don't really show up in the photos. Yeah, I know, I was a little eager.

And now on to what all of you are probably wondering right now, and that is how this lovely green foil compares to Color Club's holiday green from two years ago, Magic Elf.

Ho-Ho-Holly (to the left) is apparently a couple of shades darker, and the gold particles are more dense, so they are not that close at all. Both do run a little sheer though, and for my nail length, the third layer was needed.

I have two more fom this collection, and hopefully I'll feel like wearing them and blogging about them some day soon.

These products were purchased with own funds,
except Show Me the Money, which was a gift.

Swedish word of the day:
affär -noun affair
not to be confused with
affär -noun shop, store
I somehow prefer the latter.


  1. WOW, Glitter Wonderland is absolutely phenomenal. The green is gorgeous too!! I always love Color Club's holiday collections.

    1. Me too, though I wasn't all that smitten with last year's pale glitters - this year is much more true old Color Club. :D

  2. I picked up Glitter Wonderland last week and can't wait to try it! It looks beautiful!

  3. They are so pretty I love the colours!

    Jazz x

  4. Great colors! I love the purple one <3


  5. Jag måste ha båda dessa. Så sjukt fina!


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