Monday, July 11, 2011

Sun worshipping fashionista

I already confessed that attempting to shoot notd photos while on vacation was disastrous. When I emptied my camera last night I had decent photos of one manicure only, and that's the one I'm posting now, accompanied by a couple of less great photos you just have to see. First, here's China Glaze Sun Worshipper.

Three coats. I had a bit of a troublesome application, as the case usually is with bright or neon yellow toned lacquers, but after the three coats and a generous slobbing of topcoat it came out okay. Acquired only recently although it's from last year's summer collection, as I tend to get very bored with new China Glaze collections after seeing them pretty much all over the internetZ. But now was the time, and I love it!

Great thing: You can use this manicure as a flashlight when attempting to find the outhouse in the middle of the (not very dark) Swedish night. This shit glooows.

Now time for a manicure that did end up on camera, but rendered in nonqualitative photos. Though, since you're visiting this blog, I'm sure you'd like to see it - it's olive green! This is Fashionista from Kleancolor.

Two coats. Great opacity here, decent drying time, and helluva color. I can't get enough of these. (Comparison wheel coming up soon - promise.)

The top photo was shot at the time of day - night - when the northern Swedish summer is at its darkest, just before midnight. In the midst of summer, it never gets darker than a rainy day. (Further north, the sun doesn't set at all.) Not the best time to shoot, that's why it's so terribly grainy, but the bottom photo was shot the next day. Also, this one wore pretty well, accordingly to my few experiences with Kleancolor, so you will be seeing it again shortly. [Insert intriguing thriller like music.]

Swedish word of the day:
midnattssol -noun midnight sun
Some day, I'll be watching it!


  1. You know what, the same thing happens to me as well. It seems I can't take a good photo anywhere else than at home. But you know what: your photos are still one of the best.

    Sun Worshipper looks amazing on you. I bet it looks so cool with your dark hair. I'm almost embarrassed to say (since I HATE orange and yellow), but this one was my favorite shade from that ChG collection. And yes, it IS bright.

    I'm also sick of all the same collections on all the blogs. Now it's Zoya... And I don't feel nothing for any of those colors. Essence is the thing for me now. Everything else is too hard to get or too expensive for me. Well, except Kleancolor. I'm waiting for my package and I think there should be a bottle of Fashionista in it as well.

    That Northern midnight sun sounds so interesting. I can't really imagine it... guess I'll have to see it someday for myself. =)

  2. Ohhh I love Sun Worshipper on you!
    It's such a big China Glaze lemming for me.

  3. Sun Worshipper klär dig väldigt väl! Jag tror att den kanske skulle passa mig också, så vi får väl se om jag lyckas få hem den någon vacker dag.

    Fashionista var sjukt snygg! Jag får heller aldrig nog av den där typen av färger. Typiskt att den inte kom med i min Kleancolor-beställning senast.

  4. 'You can use this manicure as a flashlight when attempting to find the outhouse in the middle of the (not very dark) Swedish night'

    - this had me laughing for 5 minutes!!! Thanks for the smiles!

  5. Sun Worshipper is beautiful! It looks amazing on you.

  6. Sun Worshipper is awesome!

    And Fashionista is too. I just got it in the mail today

  7. I really love Sun Worshipper on you. It looks so clean and bright.

  8. Did you use any underwear with Sun Worshipper?

  9. Sunworshiper looks great on you. I cannot carry yellows at all. I have to get the down into the amber ranges with brown/gold mixed in them before I can pull them off.

    Love the olive green one. I think however after this fall we are going to be feeling bombarded by olive green polishes. We are going to see a ton being marketed out there. Last fall it was camo in clothing and accessories. This year it's camo green in polish!

  10. Oh, maaan, Fashionista looks perfect! Gorgeous colour! It's about time I spend some money on Kleancolor ...

  11. This is a really nice olive green!

  12. Sun Worshiper just keeps wowing me. I'm really surprised I've never picked it up...

  13. I would never picture you wearing Sun Worshipper!
    But I must say that it's shade is strangely yummy1

    I must be going crazy since I always hated orange and yellow for mostly anything...But been craving the Mimosa polish and loving orange lipstick :/
    Go figure!

  14. Love it too and I'm wearing it (sun worshipper) on my toes as I'm typing this :) How long did it take for your Kleancolors to arrive?

  15. Gillar dem båda:) SW är så lysande!

  16. I met a guy once that was wearing glasses and I asked him if he really needed them and he told me "no, that he was wearing them just for fashion" so he is a fashionista I could not take it and I laughed out loud on his face!


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