Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hippies are chic

You know I love me some Brazilian lacquers, right? I found this gem among my untrieds. It's a jelly-like turquoise blue semi transparent thingy from Colorama, called Hippie Chic.

This is three coats, and for some reason you can't really tell from these photos that there's a small amount of translucency here. Or can you? Anyway, I like jellyish polishes, so I enjoyed this one. And it's not totally see-through anyway.

I keep being slightly envious of the Brazilian population for having such interesting brands and colors. And the formulas... Full of toxins, they work like a charm! I love me some toxic polish from time to time.

Swedish word of the day:
gift -noun poison, toxin
Pick yours.


  1. THAT is a Yummy color!! Nice find!

  2. Oooh, looks so squishy!!

  3. Already used this color too. It's simply gorgeous!


  4. Colorama is not toxic, it's one of the few brazilian brands without a lot unecessary chemicals (aka 3free).
    Perhaps you didn't know that nail polish ~full of toxins~ may cause severe allergic reactions. When this happens, our only option is to use Colorama or buy expensive foreign polishes.
    It would be great if we had easy access to amazing polishes, without paying 3 times more or waiting 2 months to receive it.

    But yeah, the grass is greener on my side.

    1. First off, I'm sorry my post came across as blunt and perhaps even presented in an non-objective way; the fact that I had pretty much just woken up is no excuse for badly laid words. It was meant to be slightly funny, but I can see why it's not to someone suffering from or highly aware of (severe) allergies.

      Secondly, I'm in Scandinavia, where cosmetics are known to be very pricey. An OPI polish is equivalent of 22 USD here, and we too have to wait long for overseas shipping if we would like to pay less (and we're still stuck with rather hefty shipping costs). So I understand you perfectly well, and again, I'm sorry if you, or anyone else, were offended.

    2. Colorama is not B3F. All of them have DBP.

  5. Hey there! Visiting your blog for the first time :D
    So glad to see you like our polishes!! Hippie Chic is really beautiful, I've wore it!
    What other brazilian colours/brands have you tried?

    1. I totally love Hits polishes! They are amazing. You can search the blog for specific brands by tags, either to the right or at the bottom of the page in cloud form, if you'd like to see which ones I've tried and what I had to say about it. :)


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