Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you dare? Wear? Okay, that was the worst blog post header ever. But of course we're talking Le Chat Dare to Wear polishes. I was quite satisfied when I realized that one of my favourite online shops was carrying parts of this line. I still haven't found my great lemming Enchanted Forest, but I have picked up a few other gems. Here are two.

Kiss the Rain. Three coats, I think. What's not to love here? A muted pale blue, like a rainy day, with pink and blue glassfleck sorta shimmer, and holographic or prismatic glitter. I can't tell which because it's rather micro.

Poison Ivy. Two or three coats - I can't remember anymore. Your standard gold shimmer in green base, a little streaky looking up close, but it's not painfully obvious from a normal distance. I used this one as a layering base... More on that another day.

Swedish word of the day:
våga -verb dare
I do.


  1. Kiss the rain looks really nice but as for the Poison Ivy - I hate wearing metallic polishes, my nails look awfully with them so...

    ...I definitely wouldn't dare to wear the green one ;-)

  2. Kiss the Rain is Gorgeous! and I love the green metallic...but I agree, I would use it as a layering base also, ahahahaa! It definitely jumps out at you!

  3. Det här är inte bra när jag har köpstopp. Blev förtust i båda lacken, dessvärre.

  4. Kiss the Rain is so beautiful, and I really love the name of it! :)

  5. I love both colors, amazingly beautiful <3


  6. Kiss the rain is gorgeous! Love the name to!
    Poison Ivy is really... Ivy ;) Beeing a florist I should like that one ;) but i like Kiss the rain more ;)

  7. Oh my god, where did you find Poison Ivy?! I've been looking everywhere for this!

    1. You can find it at Head to Toe Beauty -!


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