Friday, June 29, 2012

Are you flirty or shy?

I had this craving for blue polish, and as I was searching my untrieds for a good one, I found this mood polish from Claire's, called Flirty/Shy.

Most of the time, these mood polishes give you a sort of funky french look, provided your nails are long enough. I like that. However, what I loved most about this polish is the color when cold:

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous indigo blue shade?

I did three coats of this one, as I believe I had to do with the other mood polishes from Claire's that I've tried in the past. It still isn't entirely opaque, at least not when the warm shade is present.

Let's see some additional photos shot with flash in my bathroom:

That gorgeous indigo again...

This is a good rendition of what the warm shade looks like. It's a rather bright blue. You can also see the slight see-through going on at the tips.

And this is just because I can.

If you've been a reader for a longer time, you know I have this infatuation with mood polishes (just scroll through the claire's category!). All this shit going on whenever I decide to sorta interact with it makes me giddy. I have to show it to everyone, even those slightly unaffected by interest. I jump up and down and giggle. "Now it's warm... and now it's cold! SEE?!!"

So... Yeah.

Swedish word of the day:
värme -noun heat, warmth
Not really present this Swedish summer.


  1. Hahaha I would probably do that too! I don't have moodpolish which is a total shame... I should get some soon ^^

  2. Haha, jag blir precis likadan av sådana lack! Alldeles fånigt entusiastisk så folk tycker jag är lite galen. :-)

  3. haha :9 The swedish word is almost the same in german : wärme ;D

  4. I was just thinking of how I love mood polish, and how fun it is. I pulled one out the other day after not wearing them for a while and I had so much fun playing with it.

    I have this one but I don't think I have worn it, now I need to pull this shade out and get it on.

    I am glad you think they are fun too. I appreciate your swatches of this, they are gorgeous as always.

  5. Lovely. I only have one Moodstruck - polish, but i need like 6-7 coats,to avoid VNL. Would you reccommend me getting Claires?

    1. I can't say that I'm 100 % sure, but I do believe Claire's Mood polishes were manufactured by Blue Cross, who also makes the Mood Strucks. Also, since I'm outside the US, I'm not sure Claire's still has mood polishes. I think the Mood Strucks are the same - even the colors look identical. :)

  6. Älskar älskar älskar blåa lack, oavsett nyans!

  7. Jag hade gjort exakt samma sak om jag bar humörlack! Nu får jag istället skämmas lite för att jag inte har ett enda, men det ska jag försöka råda bot på snart.

    Oerhört fina blå färger i det här lacket dessutom!


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