Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smoldering and posing

We're all suckers for Scrangie's photos, and after she showed Revlon's Smoldering a while back, I of course had to get it. I far from regret this, as it's a fantastic duochrome foil that just screams me, unlike most of the shades I've shown you recently. I do love my greyed gunmetal silvery foils, and I do love my duochromes. This isn't the strongest duochrome in history, but definitely enough bang for my bucks at least. Unfortunately, I didn't do a very good job capturing it in my photos.

But the shift you can sense is lovely, isn't it? From a direct angle it has an aqua flash, sort of, and then it shifts into a vilolet pink. If I recall correctly, I did three coats - it is a little too close to being annoyingly sheer, but it's worth it, at least to me.

Now a few more photos that aren't good shots of this polish, but I thought they would be fun to show you, and ask: do you do this?!

Weird poses. When I look at my polished nails during times when I'm more happy with my nails and manicure, I just lay around on my couch and do ... poses. And watch my nails. Do you do that too?

Swedish word of the day:
posera -verb pose
So hard to avoid doing sometimes.


  1. Oh I love fun poses!!! :D
    GORGEOUS polish!! It looks so stunning on you!

  2. I will have to get mine out again and give it another look - all I saw when I wore it was another gray foil 'like.' And yes, I do tend to hang and move my hands around to look at my mani from different angles.

  3. Looks gorgeous :)...I love the 'artistic' poses - keep 'em coming!! xx

  4. I DO! But you have the best nail poses....I Love the polish on you...

  5. Hi there,

    found this:
    This shop is using your pictures. As well as mine... :(

    Wanted to let you know!

  6. I've been thinking about getting this! Lovely duochrome!

  7. Of course, we all do that, specially if the polish is a long time lemming and it has beautiful shimmer in it ;)


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