Monday, May 14, 2012

Depend releases holographic AND magnetic collections

I got a package from Depend Cosmetics in the mail today. At first I thought they had accidentally sent me the summer collection a third time (more about that in an upcoming post), but when I opened the box I nearly fell over, because inside it I found six magnetic lacquers and just as many holographic ones. So, Depend finally did something really awesome (by Swedish standards), and I had to blog about this right away! Therefore no sun, but a whole lot of sloppiness.

Let's take a look at the selection of shades I received - half of each collection. Yes, they did two 12 piece collections!

The holographic ones, with flash (no sun, remember).

...and the magnetic ones. And now for some wheel swatches:

In the holographic collection, Depend actually bothered coming up with names for the shades. These are:

2025 Silver
2027 Raspberry
2028 Heather Pink
2029 Charm Pink
2032 Denim Blue
2036 Ocean Green

Of course I got aaall the pink ones. These holographics are reasonably good, and at least somewhere in between linear and scattered. They are jellyish in texture, a bit like the Hits holos, and therefore somewhat sheer, but still pretty good bang for the bucks (or..? more on that later). This was two coats each.

And then the six magnetic shades:

No names for the magnetics (all shown in two coats each), but in the collection as a whole, there are a bit of everything, just like Depend usually does it. Some are a bit more out of the ordinary, such as 6005, which has holographic glitter (!) and 6010, which has the odd combination of a red shade and opalescent glitter. All magnets that comes with the bottles have the same pattern. One or two more to choose from wouldn't had hurt, but the magnets are good and pretty easy to work with (apparently I was really sloppy when using it on the green polish, though).

Let's check some close up shots:




Both the glitter shades dry rather gritty, so a thick topcoat will be required for these. In the somewhat strange 6010, only a few particles surface well enough to not be covered in the red base. I'm still undecided if this shade is really cool or just plain weird in a bad way.

As for the colors I didn't get, I, for the first time I think, chose a few of the product photos Depend sent along to show you what could perhaps be interesting.

Among the magnetics: 6001, some kind of plum shade that seem to have a green flash or duochrome - which could just be a misleading photo, the teal and turquoise 6006, and what seems to be a decent blue shade in 6008.

And since we've all seen pretty much every color in holographics before, the one I will be picking up beside the above is 2035 Laurel Green.

These collections are a huge step up for the hit or miss brand Depend. After a boring spring collection, they pulled their crap together and managed a decent summer collection (that I have yet to show you), and now this. Equal portions of figuring out what will sell and what the lacqueristas really want - which is of course in the best of worlds more or less overlapping. Then there's the fact that all Depend polishes are minis of 5 ml (~0.16 fl oz), so they won't last you that long, and yes, these collections are set at a heavier pricing per bottle - almost double the usual price (49 SEK).

The magnetic lacquers are supposedly already out in Swedish stores, and the holographic collection will be out next week. Hopefully these will be sold in all countries where you can usually find Depend polishes.

What do you think of these?

Swedish word/expression of the day:
äntligen! -adverb finally!
...some action.


  1. Hey there :)

    I really like the look of the holos. Which Swedish stores have Depend on stock?
    I just found Viva la Diva last time, we were there.

    Have a nice week!

    1. You can find them at åhlens and kicks. (and I believe lindex as well)

    2. Thank you! Have to look better next time. ;)

  2. Raspberry och Ocean Green blir jag sugen på att köpa av dina bilder att dömma.

  3. I want to try 6001... it's such a lovely shade with green shimmers.

  4. Ok, I normally stay away from Depend (because of the tiny bottles and the lack of names), but those magnetic ones...want I do!

  5. Tycker det är hutlöst att de kostar så mkt :/ Har köpt ett magnetiskt bara och blir max 2 av de holografiska. Blir ju billigare att beställa från internet ändå.

    1. Så är det. Någon tia mer än standardpris tycker jag är smärtgränsen för specialare, i relation till Depends priser iaf.

  6. Well, I kind of want all the holos.. but at twice the price, maybe not. :)

  7. I'm so looking forward to seeing the holographic ones IRL! :)

  8. I love the Holos. They are gorgeous. Does Depend sell online or ship internationally? Would love to own a few here in the US.

    1. Unfortunately not, you'll have to find someone who cen get them for you.

  9. So awesome! I love both collections and I'm not even into magnetics!

  10. Interesting colors but glittery magnetics don't appeal to me

  11. These swatches are great!! I love the idea of the magnetic polish but am a bit clumsy and know it wont look as good.


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