Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toy With Me!

...And this was the post I mentioned, that needed an extra careful photo selection. It's going to be epic, so don't hold your breath, or you may end up lifeless! The one post where pictures won't fail you. What's all this photographic madness about, then? Is it a shimmer polish? Is it a glitter polish? Is it a duochrome? Is it a matte? Is it a topcoat? Is it even a polish?! And the answer is: it's all of the mentioned. ALL! The only thing it's not, is blue - though it appears to be in the bottle. It's Toy With Me, from Pretty & Polished. And toying with it, I have!

First, let's see it alone. This is two coats.

Dries matte.  But with topcoat...

AAALL the bling comes out! There's the violet to pink to gold to green multichrome, the little green microglitter, and if you look closely, it even has little pink bits in it as well. So subtle, yet so full of life. Yes, this polish certainly needs toying!

I brought out a nail wheel and started trying it over a gazillion different colors, from light pastels to black. One of my favourite combinations was this one:

One coat of Toy With Me over Misa Genie In This Bottle. Here you can start to sense the shift, even though it's been applied over a pastel. Genie In This Bottle is one of my favourite pastels. It makes my nails look dead, in a subtle and feminine way, which applies to my more morbid side. With this green shift and little green specks over it, the transition into blingy corpse nails is complete. Keeping it matte enhances that mode.

Next, the layering combination that killed a lemming. The other day I showed you Militar from Brazilian Colorama, and this is the same with one coat of Toy With Me on top:

You can vaguely see the shift although it's still matte here...

... but with topcoat, dude, this is the shit. You'll have to believe me though, the violet-pink flash is more vivid in reality. (You know my camera hates this particular color channel.)

What does it look like? One of those succulent plants with matte iridesence coating it so neatly? Will a $$$ brand put out a color like that soon-ish? Yes. But this is even better, because it has those little microglitter specks that makes me so weak, and it has color shift, duo- and even multichrome, when you look closely. Needless to say, I won't be buying Halcyon now that I've got this. No, it's not a dupe manicure - it's better.

You could probably tell already from the beginning of this post how giddy this polish makes me. This is a polish that'll surprise you - if you're a connaisseur and know how to see every little detail. And once in a while, one needs a really complex polishfor that bizarre, introverted enchantment. It can be worn alone for a subtle complexity, or over black if you need to make some kind of statement.

Pretty & Polished has an Etsy shop here, and a blog here. Hopefully, you'll soon be able to get your own bottle. And I might need to get another one, I've been toying too much...

Swedish word of the day:
leksak -noun toy
Oh yes, you're my toy, dear bottle...


  1. I loved it. Checking out the website to see if they ship to India. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful post, and beautiful polish!! I love how excited you are over this!! :D

    1. I love the fact that I can still get excited over a polish! :D

  3. Oh wow, this is so unique! I love how it can be used in so many different combinations.

  4. So pretty! Thanks for reminding me why I need to buy this soon :D

  5. What an interesting and unique polish!! I love it on top of Militar, it's beautiful and so are your pictures! :)

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous! And so interesting!
    Your nails are amazing as well :o
    Sharleena xx

  7. Ooh, I really want this one! I like it both matte and glossy.


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