Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While I'm working on a post that requires some extra careful choosing among swatch photos, here's a quite lovely khaki green jellyish Brazilian lacquer: Militar, from Colorama.

Three coats. Jellyish, as ...I'm not sure. Either it's a terribly pigmented creme, or a very pigmented jelly. Either way, it goes on a bit streaky at the first two coats, and the third was much needed for me. You can't really tell from these photos, but there's a slight visible nail line going on. Once it's dried, it's just lovely, though.

As with most of my Brazilian polishes, which I love, I got this from my friend Sarah. She' a doll!

Swedish word of the day:
försvar -noun defence
Perhaps needed in some shape or form.


  1. It's hard to find truly unique colors these days but that sure is! I like it alot :)

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE this colour!!! :D Gorgeous swatch!

  3. You have a lovely blog with so many inspiring posts! Thanks for sharing, would you like to follow each other?


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