Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unicorn Pee

I don't think this polish needs any introduction, really. It's the infamous Clarins 230, and because of its very hard to find status also known among lacqueristas as unicorn pee. I applied one coat over three coats of Purple Pizzazz from Sally Hansen.

Not the best photos out there, but let's check out some angle views as well.

Mmm, extreme angle. The glitter bits in Purple Pizzazz showing through makes it look hot.

Swedish word of the day:
enhörning -noun unicorn


  1. Purple Pizzazz is pretty sheer for my taste, but I have to say it makes a great base for Clarins 230 :)

  2. Oooooo pretty! I love the combo! I have Fantasy Fire. I think I'll try that with Purple Pizzazz!

  3. i always look forward to the photos on your blog - they really are works of art xx

  4. I have to try mine over a similar base. Very pretty!

  5. It's sooo pretty. Love the sparkles.

  6. wow the shade is such a gorgeous colour! definately something i would wear day or night.

    new follower here hon cannot wait to see more!


  7. Agree - Purple Pizzazz! makes a great base for #230. I have both Clarins #230 as well as Max Factor FF. My #230 has turned more orange in the base it's in over age despite I have protected it from light and heat. It's still lovely. But I think it fits in there with Sally' Hanson Hidden Treasure and some of the FIRSTS - it's not so important to spend the $$ it is now if you can find it even. There are a lot of other 'likes' out there since #230 came along. I hate to see anyone pay the price for a #230 today, end up with buyers remorse and/or a counterfeit which is highly probable in today's secondary market. There were quite a # of bottles of #230 found in 2011 however that had been sitting in a warehouse and did flood the secondary market. A large # of those are still being horded waiting to see if the price can get higher.


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