Friday, January 13, 2012

I know it's a shine of the times

After being absent for this long, I think you deserve some flakies. I finally got a couple of the Essie Luxeffects, and one of them is Shine of the Times. It took me a while to choose what to layer it over, but finally decided on something blue. And that Something Blue is a new one from H&M.

The girl wearing the polish is not dead, but the Swedish weather (still) is. One thin coat of Shine of the Times over one generous coat of Something Blue. Two thick polishes that took some patience, I felt. I usually find the H&M formula easy to work with, but lately, they have been thicker and if I'm not mistaken, the brush is... Different somehow. Maybe it's just me. Shine of the Times is rather thick too, and since I didn't want it to cover the base color completely, it took some effort to spread it. But it's okay, because once the topcoat is on, it's just smashing. Right?

However, if you own Models Own Betty Blue, or any dupe for it, you will perhaps not need this H&M. They are pretty much identical color wise, although Betty Blue is a tad jellyish, while Something Blue is opaque.

When dealing with this particular Essie lacquer, I can't help singing this song:

Wow, this is some pure 80's hairband shizzle.

I'm considering doing a brand theme week again, simply to get rid of larger bulks of untrieds. If you feel like it, please take a second to vote for a brand you'd like to see more from, in the poll at the top of the side bar!

Swedish expression of the day:
tecken i tiden sign of the times
There are so many...


  1. Beautiful. I'm still on the hunt for the new Essie launch. *fingers crossed*

  2. It looks beautiful on you! I just got mine in the mail today.

  3. This is gorgeous!! Yay for 80's rock XD!!

  4. That looks really good with a blue underneath it. :)

  5. One of my favorite flakie combos is Suzi Says Feng Shui and Hidden Treasure/2010, so it's no surprise I love this! It's gorgeous. I'm bad, I immediately thought of Prince when I heard of the name of this.

  6. This looks great with blue underneath!!!

  7. Ooh. I have SOTT and am going to try it over blue now.


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