Monday, October 3, 2011

Ponce de Amaranth

While Sweden is rather dreary, let me present another old OPI, along with a franken I made last week. The long gone shade is a sheer, violet purple shade named Ponce de Lilac, and is from the Caribbean collection of 1996.

I wish I had better pics, but I don't, so this is what you get. At three coats it's still sheer. The slightly colored base makes my tips look horrible. But the shimmer is very, very pretty.

What does one do with such a polish? Although perhaps a sin ...I used it to franken with. But don't worry, I saved half of the original product. Not gonna waste all of it!

I had been playing around with it in my mind for a while. Girls who like purple, but also green, would of course need a nice green with purple shimmer. I tried to figure out the best green base for it, and maybe my choice wasn't optimal, but I took out that trusted bottle of New York Summer Amaranth.

Shots by different cameras - by now you know how my compact hates purple hues, and my DSLR hates focus. Honestly, my compact also hates certain greens, which is obvious in the first and the last photo here. And, well, I poured a sheer into a jelly, so... ...this is four coats. It's hardly opaque.

But used for layering, it turns out like this:

Mmm... On top of BB Couture Poison Ivy. And all shitty flash photos. I was working late.

I know, I can't write passionately about this. But again, I'm working late. And my mind is elsewhere. I poured my brains into the other blog earlier today, and now my head is an empty bubble. But you get my not very well executed idea, right? I'm so empty I haven't even managed to invent a name for this creation yet.

Why not just use the original purple shimmer for layering, you ask? Because, with time I have come to realise how I hate particles that stays on top of my manicures. I don't like the flat impression that sometimes makes. I want the particles within the polish. Like a glow.

And now I must put my head to rest on my fluffy white pillow, as I'll be working a frightingly long shift tomorrow. I will dream of colors.

Swedish word of the day:
mjuk -noun soft
I need soft.


  1. I don't like that sheer OPI one bit. But to be honest, I dig the frankenpolish you've created. Especially on the first photo - it looks awesome.

  2. Wow, that first one was waaay to sheer. You made a beautiful franken though!

  3. I love your franken way more than the original.

  4. the franken. Too pretty and so unique!

  5. I didn't care much for the original OPI either.
    My Loverboy beside me did though!

    However, in LOVE with your gorgeous franken!
    Where do I buy it? ;)

  6. LOL I think you just accidentally duped Icing Peacock! :D

  7. I love OPI's Ponce de Lilac & also their old Loyalty Island Lilac. I use them on brials parties a lot - fortunately I do more now that was bright full color vs. light shades since I cannot get either of these shades anymore. Your layering of the Sinful over Ponce de Lilac is lovely! I am always a amazed when I see so many great shots done wit Sinful shades. Each one I have bought have been so thin and watery, I could never get decent coverage out of that brand. I tend not to even look at it anymore, despite it is available in my area in limited color releases.

  8. LOVE that layering!!! It's gorgeous!!! <3


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