Monday, October 10, 2011

Evil Queen

I know, I've been absent for an entire week - sorry about that. I got a series of work shifts with short notice, worked five days i a row, including four night shifts, that meaning I'm practically beaten to death right now. My back and legs hate me! Fortunately, I have a bunch of posts in the vault to keep my blogging presence somewhat alive, and this is one of those posts: Claire's Evil Queen.

Three coats. This dark plum base is kind of sheer, but the slightly duochrome flecks make the application process worthwhile. Pretty much simultaneously with the release of Orly's Cosmic FX and MAC's duochromes last fall (wasn't it?), Claire's put out some similar shades, Evil Queen being one of them. There's also one dupish to the infamous Space Cadet - Venomous, and a red one, Poison Apple, that I'm unable to compare to for example MAC Bad Fairy.

I have this thing for Claire's and Icing polishes, and the like, because for a European they're very hard to find. American scalpers don't seem to have figured they'd do well with these on ebay, so the only way for a European girl to obtain these is through swapping. I got the afore mentioned trio from the lovely Carissa - her daughters helped her find them in a clearance bin!

Oh, I almost forgot, I of course do have additional photos - they're becoming more of a rule than an exception now that I'm so impatient with some of the inabilities of my cameras! Can you see the duochrome?

Honestly, the effect isn't pronounced enough to really make wearing this polish all that fun - most of the time it just looks like a flecked vampy plum purple. I should perhaps try it again some time.

Swedish word of the day:
elak -noun evil
I like nice better.


  1. It's so beautiful, and I admit to being drawn in by the name. I love it!

  2. This polish is sooo nice, and I think that "Evil Queen" is a perfect name for it! :)

  3. That look simply Amazing! lovely color

  4. awesome shots with this cool color!

  5. I have this one... and it's so pretty :)


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