Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purple chunkiness

Another one from the vault, another purple. Or, two, actually! I know you've seen this one plenty of times already, but a few eye candy shots can't hurt, right? One of the infamous Kleancolor Chunky Holos, namely Chunky Holo Purple, over a medium purple shimmer I received from my Brazilian friend Sarah of Them Pretty Colors, called Impala Nicole. No sun that day, but multichromes work even better in sunless mode.

I have one problem with these Kleancolors, I have come to realise. They are thick enough to shrink the underlying polish. The day after application my manicure has retracted a bit from the edges. This is annoying during times when I don't have the energy to change my manicure every day. Apart from that, this look makes me happy. A bit too much "glitter-on-top" for my taste, but I still like it. It makes me feel that I may be able to live without Clarins 230, or anyone of the similar polishes, at least another week or perhaps two.

Oh, and this was one of my manicures that was forced upon me by using random.org! Sometimes when in doubt, it works out like a charm.

Swedish word of the day:
slumpvis -adjective random


  1. Another stunning polish by Kleancolor. I love this brand, hope I could have some products in my stash one day.

  2. Ooh, you get a gorgeous multichrome out of this one!

  3. So pretty! I need me some Kleancolors!

  4. How do I not own the Chunky Holos yet?! They're amazing! This is such a beautiful layering! <3


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