Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vast Forest

I vaguely remember someone wanting to see one of IsaDora's fall offers, Forest - perhaps it was Ulmiel..? Regardless, here it is, on terribly long nails, as it has been in the vault for a couple of weeks now (sorry).

Can you spell w o w? To some it may not look like much, but this is a color in my favourite color group, the golden greens. And it has great fleck shimmer. As usual with IsaDora the formula was nice (and the bottle teeny tiny), and though I know some don't, I really like the brush. Too bad it's been so long since I applied it that I can no longer recall how many coats it was, but I very seldom need more than two coats with IsaDora polishes.

Do you remember this..?

It was originally in my OPI The Muppets part I post. One coat of Warm & Fozzie over Forest. This is love.

Forest also makes me think of this song:

Swedish word of the day:
skog -noun forest
We've got plenty of 'em in Sweden.


  1. Shit... Jag trodde den var brun från andra bloggares bilder. Nu måste jag ha den. :D

  2. I love BOTH of those polishes. I can't want for Warm and Fozzie, simply because your pictures are so amazing :)

  3. I actually like how your nails looked and they are not super long! That Isadora Polish rocks!!!

  4. So green, mossy, rich and luxurious. <3

  5. Love your nails this length! That colour rocks, too. Olive is one of my favourite so I have a crush for it. I've never tried any IsaDora polish yet though.

  6. This is a great shade. I also really love the green/golds that are popular now. I had one maybe 12 years ago out of OPI and I tossed it 2 yrs later knowing it was never going to get worn - we were all into french manis then - it was too odd and no one was doing odd then around me. Love it with the Muppets over it!

  7. Yeah, it was Ulmiel. It's green, what did you expect? ;) And damn it, I'm so pissed off right now. It's GORGEOUS polish! And we didn't get it!! We got the vampy red, the Bronze Patina and a fu*king white pearly polish instead of Forest! Grrr! I got Bronze Patina, but I guess I won't get this one. :( sucks. It's gorgeous, also perfect swatches, as always. Thank you!

  8. O M G !!!!! I love that muted, earthy sparkly-amazing mossy green!I really neeeeed those Muppets polishes also.....


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