Monday, September 26, 2011

Readers' Choice: Eyeko Military Polish

Another Monday, another reader request! Ulmiel wants to see swatches of Eyeko's Military Polish. I have actually worn this before, but didn't manage to get any photos of it, so these photos are brand new swatches without base or top coatings.

I think I did three coats, or maybe only two - as usual I can't recall. Whatever happened to my thoughts on writing down notes while swatching?! I'm a sloppy person, what can I say... However, two or three coats, doesn't really matter. The formula is good and so is drying time, so if you don't think doing that actual third coat is terribly time consuming by itself, it shouldn't make a huge difference when it comes to appeal. This is a very nice brownish olive green, and changes a bit depending on the light, looking rather dark in your living room cozy lights.

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Swedish word of the day:
försvar -noun defence
We have a tiny one in Sweden, actually.


  1. Thanks for the awesome swatches! I think I need this one too ... Why yes, I wouldn't mind having all the green polish ever made in my room.

  2. I hate that theyve discontinued all their polishes, i thought they were gorgeous :(

  3. Det här ville jag också se. Underbart, jag får inte nog av grönt just nu.

  4. Tough color. <3

  5. Wow...gorgeous color...How do you get your nail polish line up near your cuticles SO perfect?!

  6. Great color. I'm loving military greens lately.

  7. Really pretty esp since there is no top coat - it's so shinny! This has just the right balance of everything to it - not too black, not too yellow, not too forest.

  8. I'm sad they discontinued their polishes!!! I should have purchased this when i had the chance!



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