Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going Gaga

Gagalectric, where have you been all my life?!

Three coats of this half-sheer, magnificent, violet blue duochrome from Essence's Holografics line. To fully comprehend its beauty, let my DSLR guide you:

Do you see that?! Okay, maybe not everyone loves it like I do, but I do. It's glowing.

This is the perfect me replacement for China Glaze Afterglow, which was too sheer and too peachy to justify my ownership - I gave it away. Gagalectric will stay.

Swedish word of the day:
elektrisk -adjective electric


  1. Ooo. I just got this! It's so pretty in the bottle, but I've still got to put it on. It's gorgeous on you! I got rid of Afterglow as well, I didn't much like it on me and it seems sheerer than this does.

  2. Great color. It would make for a nice french manicure.

  3. I <3 duochromes! I wonder how this would look layered...its gorgeous on its own.

  4. I totally passed this whole collection because they didn't look great for me. But how can great swatches and nails change my minds. :)

  5. OY!!! So cool! I love that little blue-ish bit peeking out

  6. I just layered a duochrome over black. I bet that one would look great like that as well :)

  7. Gagaletric is probably my favorite one from the Holographics :)

  8. AAAHHHH! This is amazing! I love the blue coming out of the duochrome. This is perfection!


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