Monday, September 19, 2011

Readers' choice: BB Couture Green Goblin

New week! That means new, requested swatches. This time, yet another request from Arrianne, this one also from BB Couture: Green Goblin.

I did three coats, because it was still a little uneven after two - though my bottle could definitely have benefitted from a few drops of thinner, since it's probably had some time to evaporate a whole lot.

This is one of my absolute favourite green cremes. It is just perfect in so many ways. Not too dark, but still murky and a little yucky - just how I like them. I have also worn this one as a pedi, and it is still in my (perhaps) top five pedis of all time.

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Swedish word of the day:
troll -noun goblin
A sweet one.


  1. This colour is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a green that's similar!

  2. I have been looking for a green like that for a while now. They are always too dark or too light! This one is perfect!

  3. Vilken fin grön! Kan du rekommendera någon sida att köpa BB Couuture från?

  4. Den är verkligen trevlig. En av mina favoriter också!

  5. Super nice deep green. I agree - if this was a brand available to me, it would be in my green stash. I love this shade - it's not a more typical British racing green - it's just the right forest green, not too much yellow and certainly not too much black - yet not green in my face that hits the room glances at my nails before my over all presence.

  6. Kan definitivt se mig ha den här färgen på mina tår. :)


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