Monday, August 1, 2011

Readers' choice: Zoya Bekka

Are you now familiar with the concept of the somewhat weekly readers' choice swatches? This post is dedicated to double-Bekkas: Zoya Bekka, and Rebecca who requested it - although I'm of course not sure how Rebecca chooses to shorten her name!

Three and four coats - I believe I did the index and pinky in four coats due to sheerness and streakiness. Yes, this beautiful lemon yellow with golden shimmer is sheer and streaky. Sadly. For a long time, I thought my happiness depended on this bottle. It's just so... happy. But applying it and wearing it isn't, because, let's face it: 1. it's sheer, 2. it's streaky, and 3. it's yellow. Just imagine. Now, let's be fair: it's got decent application features for a yellow, it does. But being sheer... You need coating here. Which of course means it never dries. When I tried wearing this for the first time I just wiped it off before even taking photos, because it got smudged and danged.

Rebecca, and the rest of you, if you really like this color, you should use it for layering. Over a decent, relatively fast drying yellow creme pastel or so.

And remember, you can still ask for swatches for this type of posts. By now I think you all know how you're able to reach me!

Swedish word of the day:
citron -noun lemon
Such and underrated and forgotten citrus fruit!


  1. Wow. I don't know if I like that color or not.

  2. Wow. I never looked twice at this color. Great swatch!

  3. Jag gillar ju min Bekka och har inte haft problem med torktidem tack och lov. Det är verkligen, som du säger, en glad färg!

  4. The shimmer is so pretty, shame it's such a pain otherwise. And for me, yellow rarely looks good. Great swatch though.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I shorten my name to Becca rather than Bekka, but I've still been dying for a polish with my name and pondering this one for quite awhile. I'm a recent yellow convert, so I may still need to buy this, though I also found Model's Own Becca's Brown to satisfy my self-indulgent polish needs :) Thanks again for swatching!

  6. This is super pretty! Its such an interesting yet easy to wear shade.


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