Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wanna feferoni?

Oh yes, this is the fall of the fugly colors! And we saw that it was good. Just look at Wanna Pepperoni from H&M.

Two coats. As usual with H&M, somewhat thick, very pigmented, creme of a supposedly pepperoni like color. Despite thickness, no bubbles, which is of course awesomesauce in every way.

Supposedly pepperoni color, yes. I'm quite sure Swedes were involved when naming this lacquer (not least because there's a question mark missing), as this is what pepperoni looks like:

...while the color of this polish reminds me a whole lot more of what is in English referred to as pepperoncini, which is in Swedish by misconception sometimes called pepperoni, but really is feferoni:

The color of the polish has lost some of its greenish tint in my photos, but actually is a whole lot pepperoncini colored. The first contemporary color to come to mind, is China Glaze's Trendsetter, but this one is of course a creme, and also less green and lighter.

I continue my love for H&M polishes. If it's something this otherwise very basic brand manages, it's interesting creme lacquers, and of good quality too. This color is obviously a big thing this autumn (which I personally feel indifferent to), and H&M are no later than any other brand to jump onto the fugly greenish yellow bandwagon.

Swedish word of the day:
peppar -noun pepper
Easy peasy.


  1. I can't help but love these fugly puke-ish greens! :D If I weren't so annoyed by the ultra thin brush from these bottles, I'd be all over it, LOL. For now I'll stick to Trendsetter, which is just as loveable :)

  2. In Italy we have a kind of "peperone" which is green, but the colour is much different from this one: http://cdn.gingerandtomato.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/3-peperoni.jpg
    Anyway, funny name for a nail polish! :)

  3. LOVE this so much! Nathalie and I were literally just talking about this shade last week and how much we were lusting after it. Gorgeous on you. I love these kinds of shades!

  4. It made me think of Trendsetter too. That picture of those yummy peppers has me drooling.

  5. Fugly!! I'm not much into these colors, anyway italian "peperoni" (we have green as Cristina mentioned, yellow and red ones) are much brighter :)

  6. I love these kinds of colors! Very odd name for a polish, for sure.

  7. I do like this color... something about it is pulling me in. Love that you analyzed the color name :)

  8. The fugly colours are right up my alley. This one is great too, and I love the name. :D So I guess I'll have to get it. H&M has some seriously awesome colours, they only need to change the weird cap and it would be a win!

  9. I love this color trend! ChG Trendsetter is already in my wishlist and now I guess I should add this one, too! I've never tried H&M polishes though.

  10. I love ugly greens for nail polish colors. This looks awesome!

  11. Cristina & maisenzasmalto: Ahh, I think the peppers you refer to are what the English call bell peppers, in Sweden we call them paprika. :) Names of peppers are so different, it's hard to just translate straight like I think H&M did here. ;)

    Ulmiel: Yes, the cap is horrible! If it was at least detatchable. The older ones worked fine, so why do this unnecessary cosmetic change to the packaging? Other than that, I still love the polishes. :)

    Simona: If you can get ahold on them, you should! They're great products. :)

  12. "the fugly greenish yellow bandwagon." Hahaha this cracked me up! And also now I'm kind of in the mood for some fefferoni, preferably with some falafel around it 8)


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