Monday, August 22, 2011

Bright ideas

The peeps over at Kings Hair, the Swedish OPI distributor, sent me a set of minis - Bright Idea!, that was put out here for the summer. A bit late now in August, I know, but I thought I should try them out, along with the included Rapid Dry topcoat, to see how rapid it really is. This is the set:

It includes older Brights shades: That's Hot! Pink from Mod About Brights, the 2008 Brights collection, and Atomic Orange and Teal the Cows Come Home from the 2006 Brights. So, rather summery shades, then.

That's Hot! Pink, three coats. I don't know about other people's reference frames, but I don't think this pink is hot enought to be called a hot pink. But it's rather nice, though nothing that would have caught my eye normally. Somewhat jelly texture.

Atomic Orange, three coats. Creme, but I didn't manage to get it even enough with the small mini brush to avoid a third coat. Hard to photograph, comes out much brighter with my camera than it really is.

Teal the Cows Come Home, three coats. I actually had this one in a full size bottle, so I cheated and used this one instead. However, I think my brush was a bit funky, because during application it flattened out so much that fitting it on the nail was a bit worrysome. This is of course not a problem with the mini brush, but on the other hand, some people would probably find it too small instead. I can sense early B3F formula problems with this one, at least in my old full size bottle - you know, the formula that is kind of weird and likely to cause bubbling. Hopefully the mini bottle in this set is a new batch with an improved formulation.

Pretty standard summer shades that a lot of people would like, including the blue that is now part of the standard stash for many. The OPI mini bottles are terribly small, as I am sure many of us are aware of already, only 1/8 fl oz or 3,75 ml - smaller than the standard mini bottle.

However, I was very curious about the Rapid Dry topcoat, which I haven't before tried. I did so over Teal the Cows Come Home. After about one minute, the surface was dry, but sensitive to friction and could not resist smudge marks:

Though, it's flexible and retracts pretty good and the smudges mostly even out after a short while. No shrinking to be found.

I wouldn't replace my favourite super fast drying topcoat with Rapid Dry, but it sure dries faster than a standard topcoat. If you're very sensitive to shrinking, maybe this one will work out for you.

Swedish word of the day:
sommarfärger -noun pl. summer colors
Almost overwith?


  1. Don't think they released this in the USA. However as you said, not new shades. I might need to go back and get the That's Hot Pink - but now that summer is almost over - maybe I have plenty that are so similar. I never was a fan of orange until it hit big this summer - had fund with the oranges I have - but don't have Atomic - do have Teal Cows Come Home - not a fan - but will use it for out USA Ovarian Cancer Teal Toes OC Awareness month for all of Sept

  2. Pretty summer colors! :D I love that set, so cute! I can't use those tiny brushes though - but they sure are great for pedis! (my favorite use for minis)

  3. They are all so bright and gorgeous !

  4. funny =). I've never seen this set before, but today I got it as a birthday gift and now I see it on your blog =).

    Nice swatches as always =)

    Which one is your favourite fast drying top coat if I may ask =)

  5. I love the pink color it's very pretty!

  6. I really like "teal the cows come home", it's such a gorgeous blue! I have a big number of blue polishes, but "teal the cows come home" is not yet part of my stash. I will be, though *gg*

    I've never been a fan of pinks, so that one gets a pass from me. Orange is also not my thing - except for Halloween :)
    If I could persuade the rest of the world to do it, I would have a whole Halloween-week ;) not only one day ... each year on Halloween I paint my nails a bright orange and stamp some witches, cats, spiders, bats and pumpkins on them :)


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