Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watery liquids

To my delight, last time I went down to my local H&M, they had put out new random bottle colors (like they tend to every once in a while). I picked up two of the summerish brights, a pink with gold pearl, the one below, and left an orange with gold pearl. This one goes by the intriguing (not so much) name Aqua.

Uh oh. No focus.

Three coats, impossible to get my camera to focus on. (Okay, I was also sloppy and took too few shots.) What this basically is, is a blue base with gold shimmer. Most possibly the same shimmer in all three polishes in this line, but the others have creme bases, this one is more sheer, and therefore shows more shimmer. It all ends up in a turquoise metallic lacquer. Quite nice, and not terribly brush streaky from a fair distance, but nothing to write home about, I assume. However, worth picking up if you're into H&M and/or turqoise, or even metallics. Application was good, as most of the time with H&M, drying time okay, but not excellent.

There you go.

Swedish word of the day:
vätska -noun liquid
In Latin (and chemistry) known as aqua.


  1. That's very pretty! I wish the H&M by me carried polishes, but they don't. Maybe it's just as well for my budget. :)

  2. Such a pretty color. It has gold shimmer? It looks like silver or a lighter shade of blue on my computer. Either way, it's pretty!

  3. Läckert! Ska spana efter det när jag kommer till H&M, det verkar vara ett trevligt sommarlack...

  4. måste visst till H&M och spana lite:)

  5. Riktigt fin! Kan nog få följa med hem om jag kommer mig för att spana in H&M:s sminkavdelning anytime soon.

  6. KarenD: They're not terribly pricey though! By European standards, that is. ;)

    Megan Harmeyer: The second photo does it the best justice, I think! The sun tends to wash some of the shimmer color out. :/ Also, my camera isn't the best, umm...

    Emma P: De har några trevliga lacker även denna sommar, tycker jag!

    Sanna: Det tycker jag. ;)

    Nailtastic: Spana lacker på H&M är en av mina ritualer när jag besöker handelsmeckat Väsby Centrum. ;D


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