Monday, June 27, 2011

Holo prismatic chrome

I thought you might want to see another Kleancolor, right? Actually, I did too - I can't wait to try them all! Really tempting lacquers, these. This is another misleading "holo" named one - Holo Chrome.

Bling bling! I did three coats of this purple toned blue jelly, jam packed with - no, not holo, but prismatic - glitter. Ahh! Prismatic is my favourite! It's the blingiest glitter there is. I have no complaints with this one. It needs to be applied in rather thick coats due to being a bit gritty and you'll need a tiny excess amount of polish to be able to distribute it evenly. This made me fear a prolonged drying time, but it was all in all okay, since I took my time and did my manicure in front of the computer - like I do most of the time - and kept myself busy during drying. I did alo fear it would need a shitload of topcoat, but what yous ee here is one coat of Diamont only, no more needed! A definite pro compared to similar polishes.

And sorry my nails are now again bending at the tips. I hate this, and I can't pick between the reasons "the pure look of it" or the fact that it's a sign of damage to the nail plate. My nails are still screwing me over after the winter, and combined with my work in the nursing home, they're left peeling insanely. [Pulls hair in despair.]

Swedish word of the day:
kristallklar -adjective crystal clear
This one is.


  1. I'm afraid if I try this brand (it is insanely cheap to order in the US) that I'll become addicted. They all look so amazing! This one has me practically drooling! lol

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful color! I really love it.

    Also, I have the weird bending as well. On my thumb and index. I have no idea why. I dont have any peeling on those two.

  3. Wow this is gorgeous! I love the color and the sparkles! It's like your nails are radioactive and glowing- in a good way. :)

  4. Mmm, so pretty :) The glitter looks like sugar on the nails. Prismatic sugar lol! I'm not sure why it is but my index nail on both hands always has an odd curve to it. All the rest grow out proper though.

  5. Good on Liz! Radioactive nails! Looks amazing. I admit I am surprised this brand is coming out so well for you being as it's really inexpensive here in the states (but expensive after you pay tax and shipping). This shade sort of reminds me of some of the original OPI Designer Series polishes.

  6. Holo or doesn't matter. This is all kinds of bling!

  7. Prismatic ... I didn't know that word. I'd have called this "scattered holo". :)

  8. This is sparkly and pretty!
    And my nails curl up at the tips too...I used to try to fight the bend, but now I'm like eff it LOL.

  9. Top Beauty has a REAL similar polish to this. Called Expression of The Night. I think I sent it to you! Care to compare? :*

  10. Wow, it's gorgeous! So pretty and sparkly! :)

  11. I just bought this color, and mine looks a lot more pink than your does. Does yours have more pink to it, and your camera didn't pick it up (or my monitor doesn't show it)?

  12. Jag älskar det här lacket! Det är helt underbart!! En ny favorit faktiskt och nyansen är så perfekt!

  13. thenailaholic: There are definitely worse brands to become addicted to, monetary wise. ;) Cheap thrills for the people!

    Minty: It's often an anatomical thing - it's just the way you've been created. :)

    Liz: *starts singing old Kiss song* Radioaaactive... Lalala... xD

    Meeka: Or even radiocative sugar, perhaps. :) About the bending, see answer to Minty above. :)

    beachgal: Yes, it reminds me a wee bit of DS Glamour, but a little more purple toned, and of course, prismatic instead of holographic. :)

    Megan Harmeyer: It sure is!

    Karen D: The main difference is that holo is usually shimmer particles (or pure flat holographic glitter), and prismatic is just what it sounds like: small glitter prisms, gritty, uneven glitter particles. :)

    ChaosButterfly: I usually just go with the eff it too. ;) But in photos especially, it just looks less good! In reality, we have the third dimension. :D

    Sarah B.: No, I don't have it. :/ So I can't help on that, sorry sweets!

    Susy: It is. :)

    Sophia: Pink? Hmm. In reality, mine is a little weaker colored than shown in the photos (jelly bases tend to enhance in color in photos). But it's a little less blue and lean towards purple, but still not enough to make me comfortable calling it purple or blue entirely. It's somewhere in between. Or maybe a really blurple blurpe. :)

    Sminkan: Ja! Och höll jättebra på mig. Men fan vad jobbigt det var att få bort. xD

  14. Fan vad snygg! Den gillar jag. Har du köpt den i Sverige? Och var?


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