Monday, May 23, 2011

The multi purpose nail polish product

Are you like me, who use nail polish for pretty much anything you could think of? I usually just think that I've already got way more than I can use up during a lifetime, so why not use it for stuff other than my nails as well? Quite a while ago, I showed you how I improved my kitchen wall clock, and now time has come for something way less unorthodox - using polish for jewelry. My dear friend Tracey over at Gingerkitty Designs showed the world what could be done with some nail polish and a heap of amazing craftmanship, and for better or worse, many of us are now trying our wings in the same department. Tracey has the original product, and she is the pro, but what do you do, when you have a decent pendant (received as an extra in a swap), but you don't really like the center pattern? You just break out your bottle of Nfu Oh 60, of course!

And here's one with flash:

The ultimate jewelry polish. I once sent Tracey a decant of it so she could make me a few of her cuties! I should show them to you some day, if you're interested.

So, how did I do this, keeping in mind I do not have the utilites or material Tracey does? I just painted one coat of a black creme, then poured quite a bit of the Nfu Oh and worked to spread it all over, fast. Whatever came too close to the outline, I just cleaned up with my remover pen. To close this thing up and make it shiny and even, I used my trusty Diamont topcoat from Nubar. I ended up doing two coats of it, although in these photos there's just one, because they were shot before the bulk of the polish was set. The pendant is quite large, as I'm a girl who tend to prefer over-sized jewelry, and measures about 6 centimeters across, the polished part measuring a ittle over 3,5 centimeters, which roughly translates into 2,4 inches/1,3inches.

However, I wouldn't shower with this one on...

Swedish word of the day:
berlock -noun pendant
I love this Swedish word.


  1. Turned out so pretty Féline :)
    Hahah over here people from past generations (my grandma) used the word "Berloque" for pendant! Now I figured where it came from :D !

  2. What a lovely "extra" and that lacquer works perfectly in that cabachon. Oh, I tagged you in a Kreativ Blogger award... Enjoy!

  3. WOW! Did you take out the original center first or just paint over it?

  4. Sarah B.: I'm pretty sure it's French. :)

    AllThingsNails!: Thank you so much! <3

    Jewels: No, I just painted over it with one coat of W'n'W black creme. :) It had a nice shape, slightly convex. :)

  5. French would make sense. Rio de Janeiro has HUGE french influence from the 1900. The whole city center has french-like buildings !


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