Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh please steel me!

Aaahhh! I couldn't wait to show you this! Look:

Steel Me, from Essence, and part of their new Metallics collection, which is a bunch of magnetic polishes! (Well, all except one.) I'm sorry about the sloppy swatches in my personal lightbox, the kitchen sink, in fluorescent light, but I had to, HAD to show you. This steel grey is infused by masses of silver flecks- just look at my poorly cleaned up cuticles to see it. I like it, but it has an uneven finish, and the base is dense enough to not really show that silver too much. You're good with one coat, especially if layering, but you may have to be a little bit careful. Whatever streaks are visible while applying, disappear after drying though. In these photos, I have one coat on index and ring, two on pinky and three on my middle. The excess coats were needed because of smudging only, so unless you suck as bad as I do, you'll be OK with one.

For these sloppy magnetic effects, I used the magnet Essence put out along with the collection. From what I understand, you'll have to buy the magnet separately though, unlike previous magnetic polishes released where you got the magnet attached to the bottle. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

Yeah, the actual magnet is of course on the back of that thing... Still.

This polish, along with a few other ones I was lemming badly, was sent to me by the always very helpful and sweet Allison! I believe that it didn't take me more than 30 minutes after I had opened the envelope until these photos were shot... Thank you, Allison!

Nihrida also showed us this exact polish a few days ago, but patterned by the magnet that came with the L'Oréal Star Magnet polishes.

Swedish word of the day:
stål -noun steel
Oh man, did we [Sweden] export a shitload of it..!


  1. These are just way too cool. I so want to get my hands on these

  2. :D I'm waiting for mine to arrive from Slovenia :D lovely!!

  3. Gorgeous!! I'm frantically searching and trying to find out where these can be bought. I'm hoping they are cheaper than they Lancome ones.

  4. Åh wow så himla läckert! Latest lemming för mig också, neeed!

  5. Wow, så himla läckert!!
    Var kan man beställa dessa lack? Jag bara måste testa...

  6. So cool! I'd really want access to Essence polishes. :(

  7. Yeah, the magnets need to be bought separately, and they are really bad, we tried some other magnets, they've worked better, had stronger pull. Which reminds me I totally need to swatch them. O.o I was a tad bit disappointed about the colours, there are four but almost look like two, placed in four bottles. Oh well.

  8. WhatGutSay: Sadly, I have no idea of where to get them, but unless this is redundant information to you, I'd suggest you ask a friend in central or west Europe to go hunt for it for you. Mine was purchased in Switzerland!

    NailsbyNoir: Vet ej om de öht går att beställa på nätet såvida de inte finns på evilbay. Försök arrangera en swap med någon i ett europeiskt land där Essence säljs!

    mylittlevanities: Me too. I'm so glad I have really sweet friends out in the rest of Europe!

    Ulmiel: Yes, I had trouble telling them apart from the very few swatches I was looking up when I got the offer to have one bought for me. So, I agree. And I'd like to try mine with the L'Oréal magnet too, like Nihrida did, I think I prefer that design really.


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