Saturday, October 2, 2010

Man of La Mancha

You wanted to see OPI's Man of La Mancha from the Holiday on Broadway collection, so you're getting to see OPI's Man of La Mancha from the Holiday on Broadway collection! Now, how obvious was that?

He's the fiery biker brother of the three sisters, sorta. Look at him.

Though, he's a light kind of guy, sheer, so he needs to be layered if you're a lazy girl.

Here he is on top, with two coats, over his hot latina girlfriend The Thrill of Brazil, by the same brand.

Aren't they a hot couple? So good looking I couldn't narrow down the choices of photos.

To show you how he acts up, I layered him on top of a few others. These are the ones I dragged out to meet him:

Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede, Baby It's "Coal" Outside, A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, and to the right his girlfriend The Thrill of Brazil, who is really a bright red, is kind of pushed out.

A bit different here: first is this hot guy on his own in three rather generous coats to show you his true face. If you do him on your natural nail, you will still have a visible nail line at this point. Second, he is with two coats over A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, third over Baby it's "Coal" Outside, and last in a hot date with Aragon?!

Sorry, got dyslectic there for while.

Here this gang is in the shade. You can see he gets wild with the darker colors, although it doesn't really matter to him which one it is. He doesn't do just a little, in just one coat he will be a tiny tad uneven, and he knows he's pretty enough to show all of himself, so taking over the stage in two coats is his thing.

Would you date this guy?

I'll take him on a date to work tonight. Though not allowed to bring polish friends to work, I don't give a shit, he's too pretty to give up.

Swedish word of the day:
värsting -noun bad boy
This guy just might be one.


  1. I just picked this up in a blog sale, i was a bit underwhelmed when i received it, but now i am excited!

  2. Nice, really nice, but SOOOOO orange. Orange hates my skin.

  3. Wow. Picture 4 is my favourite. WOW.

  4. Man of La Mancha is such a weird color...on it's own, it's blah.
    But layered, it's so much better. LMAO @ him getting wild with dark colors.

  5. This polish is so dreamy. I love it as a layering polish!

    I always remember of Aragorn when I read Aragon as well lol!

  6. Orange is definitely not my color, but this looks so amazing I'm tempted to try it. Love the macro shots, they remind me of sun eruption photos. Two last layered swatches on the wheel are amazing!

  7. Love this orange colour but I doubt that it would suit me...

  8. Suveräna bilder och roligt skrivet, som alltid. Jag älskar min MoLM och använder honom ofta över bruna lack som jag fort tröttnar på. HAn är verklgien het! :D

  9. Jag vågar mig inte riktigt på orange själv, men det ser riktigt snyggt ut! Lacket verkar ju vara väldigt användbart för layering.

  10. jbrobeck: I felt the same way. I bought it from TD quite a while ago, but actually put it up for swap! O.o Luckily, no one was interested, and I am so darn glad I kept it- when finally on my nails, I have been completely in love. This guy surely takes you by surprise- he doesn't seem like marriage material, but underneath that harsh surface, he's the sweetest thing. ;D

    zygzag: If you layer it over something cool, like a cooler red than TToB that I used, it won't be all that orange. :) My photos fail to show it, but from a direct angle, the shimmer seems pinkish on top of the red polish. The orange is only strong in indirect angles. :)

    ChaosButterfly: He's a nasty guy for sure. ;D

    Sarah B.: Just one letter difference, same shit. ;D

    Blu11: See above reply to zygzag; it's not all that orange actually! Layered on top of a cooler toned polish it will appear pinkish from a direct angle. :)

    tasha~: See above replies to zygzag and Blu11! :D

    Sminkan: Tack! <3 Du märker väl att jag är lite inspirerad av dig? ;)

    roxcat: Se ovan svar till zygzag och Blu11! :D Jag är helt kär. :)

  11. Ooooh, vilken underbar man! Vill ha! Har en del bruna som skulle må bra av att dejta honom ser jag. Mums!


  12. Every now and then I run into this color and pick it up and then put it back down. Maybe, I'll take it home with me next time. Thanks for this :)!

  13. I broke up with this guy, I swapped him for something else!

  14. How could I live without this color!

  15. I love Viggo Mortensen... *drools*

  16. Thank you for converting me to this colour. I got it through mua swap and I like it very much. It isn't orange and has a lot of the beautiful shimmer, looks great layered over inraw.


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