Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Dutch faeries...

When I got home from work, fairly late, tired, in a hurry, and slightly annoyed with life, I went downstairs to check my mailbox. And you know what..? Double the Dutch luck!

This one was hard to miss. A huge package with the cutest wrapping...

Hmm... I know those characters!

Jip and Janneke, the kids in what seems to be for the Dutch what Pippi Longstocking is to us Swedes. And seriously, what's there not to love about an image like this?! Completed by their cat and dog, Jip and Janneke are so cute I fell over the first time I encountered them!

And what was inside the package?

A whole bundle of stuff from the Jip and Janneke collection sold in Dutch department store Hema! Two nail polishes, two lipglosses, a makeup bag, and a pocket mirror, together with a really cute card. But who sent all of this to me?

Michèle did!

One evening when I had a little too much time on my hands, I was browsing through Michèle's twitpics, and found a snapshot of the Jip and Janneke cosmetics counter. I had never heard of Jip and Janneke before and had to ask Michèle what it was, and the more I found the more I loved them. Now I just wish I had actually read the books! I bluntly asked Michèle if she could pick the nail polishes up for me because of the cuteness overload packaging, and she agreed to... But then we didn't talk about it again, and I assumed she had forgotten about it, and I was just too humble to bother her again.

So can you believe my eyes and my heart when I found this in my mailbox today?!

I decided to pretend to be a general beauty blogger and swatched the lip glosses.

Light Pink and Fuchsia. Purrty, huh?

And here are wheel swatches of the polishes.

The stickers on these just said "nail polish", so I don't know if there are actual names, but let's just call them Silver Foil and Fuchsia Shimmer!

But didn't I mention I had double Dutch luck? My Dutch Tulip Roze sent me this!

Catrice Plum Play With Me, Sold Out Forever (which I believed was sold out forever!), I Sea You!, Essence Back to Paradise, GOSH Green Hawaii and Purple Heart.

Please note the super sweet packaging in the background, Roze got help from her son to make it! I love kids' works of art (!), I feel very special to receive it. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but us moms are strange creatures. We're just easily touched!

Anyway, I was so happy to receive Roze's package too- I have an ongoing love affair with Roze, and even though she's practically technically married, I have secret dreams about the huge heart of my Dutch Tulip. When I send my crappy ass packages to Roze, she sends ten times as much stuff back! She is one of the kindest I know, and quite the opposite of cheapish!

I was lemming the Essence polish like cuh-razeh, and the amazing wonder woman Roze found it in a store despite her beliefs that it might be all gone everywhere due to its limited edition status. And honestly, I couldn't contain myself, so I have already slapped this one on. I'm hoping for good enough photos to publish soon-ish!

Also, the Stöj got something out of this awesome day too:

Sorry about that cable, ruining my Kodak moment...

Swedish word of the day:
tacksam -adjective grateful
Because I am, of my friends and their generosity.


  1. Michele is so sweet and I'll fight ya for Roze....I saw her first! Q('.'Q)

  2. What an exciting package in the mail! I could always photoshop that cable out for you.. =)

  3. Aaww how sweet!
    Nail mail always brighten up my gloomy days :)

  4. Awww I'm so glad you like it :D Have fun with it! xo

  5. and Roze is a such a sweetheart!

  6. Awww vad sött av dom :) Jättekul med paket! Ännu bättre om det är från fina vänner!

  7. Evil Angel: Let's fight over that assumption too! xD At least there are room for all of you in my heart. <3

    Serena: Oh thank you! I could do it myself too, but I wouldn't bother unless I was gonna blow the photo up big and put it on my wall. :) On the blog, I'd rather show the reality. And reality in my house contains a lot of cables. xD

    Sarah B.: Yeah, it is sooo nice. And a hundred times so when the sender is a friend, compared to boring ol' TD. LOL

    Michèle: I'm still happy bubbly! :D I have been using the fuchsia lipgloss today and I love it!

    Honi: Exakt så! :D


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