Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Color, brand or finish?

Organizing the Stash part 2

Like many polish addicts I constantly contemplate whether it is best to organize the stash by brand, color or finish. I have always sorted by brand but never been really happy with my order. With a constantly growing collection, I tend to forget about a polish as soon as I put it in my Helmer. When I got my Antonius basket inserts I decided to reorganize and sort by color instead. The reorganization was a difficult task (is this pink or purple, green shimmer or blue micro glitter and so on) and the result is a mix between color, brand and finish that probably only makes sense to me. I'm not a 100 percent happy but it's better than before.

Finally organized!

Here are some bottle pics. Each pic represents the content of one Antonius. You may have to click on the pictures to see the bottles clearly and please keep in mind that photography isn’t my forte…

Sheers and nudes

White, grey and beige/champagne
Red glitters, Pink (glitters, shimmers and foils)
Cremes (in the middle) and purple and pink shimmer
Purple and duochromes
Dark colours, dark glitters and Matte
Holos (The boxes contain backups of Chg Kaleidoscope)
Flakies, muliticolored glitter, white glitters and layering glitters

Gold, silver and bronze (foils, metallics and glitters)
Sinful Colours (I have no love for them so they can't play with the rest of my babies) and Nubar Moodies (never tried)
Basecoat, Topcoat/Treatments/Konad and other nailart

I might get some nail wheels for comparisons later on.

How do you organize your stash?

Swedish word of the day:
flaska -noun bottle
I don't know how you feel about botle pics but I like them!


  1. It's hard to decide how to organize. You did a great job, it makes sense to me ;)

  2. you have a great collection!

  3. So many pretties! They look amazing!

  4. Cara - Thanks, great minds think alike! :)

    maRyya - Thanks!

  5. Nailish Ramblings - If only my pictures could do them justice!

  6. Mine are organize by brand, more easy for me ^^

  7. I just redid mine last night. It was by brand but I'm trying it by colour now. I'm not sold for sure yet either... :/

  8. wow! thats a lot of nice polishes!

  9. you have really nice polishes! <3

  10. I am so green with Envy! :) You have BACK-UPS of the CG holographics, wow!

    Awesome collection, Thanks for sharing :)

  11. :)

    Jackie - yes, I panicked when I heard that they would be discontinued.

  12. Wowzers! This must have taken some time...

    I paid the Sunshine Award forward and included you as one of my recipients @


    Have an awesome weekend!

  13. I always go by colour. Seems the easiest to me but I do have trouble deciding with some colours, like metallics, duochromes, and stuff like that.

  14. I'm still confused on the whole Cammi/Feline thing, but great stash!

  15. That is an amazing collection! I don't have that many, maybe 40 or so... so I keep them in containers. one for light colours and another for for dark colours.


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