Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty meh

Essie's Pretty Edgy. Pretty boring. But still edgy. For an Essie.

Don't get me wrong. I love green polish. Anyone who's been reading my blog for more than a week knows this. But this one doesn't make me tingle. I have many greens. And even though this isn't an exact match to any of them, it still doesn't exactly fill a universe sized void in my life. Or even in my collection. But it's pretty green.

Swedish word of the day
tråkig -adjective boring


  1. I have this one and I love it!! For me it's the perfect green creme... But everyone has their own opinion...

  2. Jag gillar den som fan. Den har en vacker grönfärg, den är lätt att lacka med och den känns nog som att den fyller ett litet tomrum för mig. Men det är skönt att vi alla ser världen och nagellacken i den på olika sätt. :D

  3. Looks like your grannies old cupboards. I like it. A dusty green.

    Resend your adress to my email rugbybeauty@gmail.com, restock on thinner and I'll send you those nailpolishes.

  4. i really want this polish!! it's such a nice green, i don't have any shade like this! i'm sorry that you don't like it!
    new follower!

  5. What a lovely green! I really think I should get me a bottle of this...

  6. It's pretty! I'm not dying for it like I thought I would be when I saw the promo pics, though.

  7. I still like it! I'm wearing Misa the Grass is Greener on my Side. Now that IS green!

  8. I love that you guys disagree with me! :D It's like Sminkan says, we should be glad that we all see the world and the polishes in it differently! :D

    schmut: Done. ;)


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