Monday, August 23, 2010

I'll Dive Deeper...

Today, yet another one of the gorgeous polishes I got from dearest nihrida.

Also yet another one I loved wearing. Essence Dive Deeper has a lot of things going on, making it interesting enough to stare at during boring board meetings. A perfect shade of deep, but not too dark, teal blue, with multicolored iridescent glitter. How can you go wrong with that?!

I felt so vividly for this color that I was even confident enough to wear it for a political meeting despite not being a part of the blue fraction of Swedish parties. I'm in a "red party", and sometimes feel hesitant to wear blue or green in meetings. Sounds silly, but you know what?! I have never met more immature people than politicians. First chance they get, they make fun of anything slightly off that they pick up on. Like, "conservatives are not supposed to listen to working class music", or "you're wearing a nail polish color more suitable for your opponents".

And the truth is I have been wanting this polish like crazy. Seeing Essence polishes usually gave me veeery heavy eyelids, as I tend not to spend time ogling anything I don't have access to, but then I got the chance to swap for some Essences with some of my lovely nail polish friends, and went through mileage of swatches. Of course I fell for the color that was a long gone limited edition.

nihrida learned about my lemming. I knew and she knew she couldn't really do anything to help me, but then, mysteriously... She was lucky. Which meant I got lucky. And happy.

Swedish word of the day:
sandlåda -noun sandbox
Because some politicians need one better than a seat in a board room.


  1. That is very beautiful :)and also why I hide from politics so much ;)

  2. Really nice :)
    Love all the kinds of shimmer/glitter this one has.

  3. It looks beautiful on you. Totally agree about ogling polishes you don't have access to. I try not to do that too.

  4. This one is soooooo gorgeous. But you have to own it, to know it. It's so special and photos don't do it any justice. Although, your last photo tells us what this polish is all about. Great job, hun! It looks marvelous on you. =)

  5. this is on my wishlist too! le sigh.

  6. Emybloom: Opinions are hurtful shit. ;D

    Sarah B.: Oh yes, it has a lot of things going on! In a good way, which isn't always the case. :)

    Nadette: It is! :)

    Millie: It's just so hard not to see any of the American stuff, it's all over the place. :/

    nihrida: Thank you darling! For everything. :) It really did meet all of my expectations, this one! <3

    jbrobeck: I hope you can find it somehow! :)


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